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You wake up and find a Gardevoir sleeping next to you

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User Info: actuatedkarma

3 years ago#71
Run outside and try to find other pokemon.
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User Info: TalesOfGod

3 years ago#72
actuatedkarma posted...
Run outside and try to find other pokemon.

This, why settle for Gardevoir when you could get yourself an awesome Charzard!
A Suicune!


Oh gosh, dreams would come true if I had my own Lugia.

User Info: metalmariolord

3 years ago#73
Nothing, Gardevoir is a damn plant.
You can't go having funny intentions with a plant.
Gardevoirs are so innocent, they'd take their own lives to protect their trainers.
Do you judge games by graphics and not gameplay?Only like realistic games? GO PLAY REAL LIFE!
Sorry about bad english, not primary language.

User Info: hyjinx17

3 years ago#74
Regular Gardevoir? "Sweet I've got a pokemon"
Internet version of Gardevoir? "Hello boss, I won't be in the rest of the week"
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User Info: Kane90987

3 years ago#75
Well, since I don't have the issues that alot of people have, I wouldn't **** it.

I would be ****ing pumped that Pokemon exist, and start catching some awesome ones.

User Info: FuneralCake

3 years ago#76
I'd probably lose my s***.

Pokemon aren't real and they never will be.
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User Info: emeraldfox_09

3 years ago#77
I'd be weirded out. Then I'd play my 3DS.
The Official Leafeon everywhere. Get at me
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User Info: Seiten_Taisen

3 years ago#78
Time to destroy some Megazard X asses.

User Info: safeguarde

3 years ago#79
I would turn my face away so our lips wouldn't touch.

Kudos to whoever gets this reference.
FC is 3110-3911-1351
IGN: Kris

User Info: Milennin

3 years ago#80
Tell her to go to the kitchen and make me a sammich.
3DS FC: 3351 - 4188 - 0149
Pokemon Y IGN: Roth
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