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Opinions about the 3D look

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User Info: dustdusty93

3 years ago#1
So ive been thinking about this for awhile and wanted to ask how everyone likes the 3D for x and y. I know its kinda like the stadium games but i much preferred the 2D animation if the games instead. Anyone else like this?
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User Info: Unfairy

3 years ago#2
As for character mode, I probably prefer the old top-down. But I am supremely digging this Stadium look in battles with actual 3-D effects. Only a few animations look out of place and the resolution is a little iffy, but it's worth the battery loss from having 3-D on.
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User Info: zhellybelly

3 years ago#3
I tried the 3D effect when I first got Pokémon Y, and it gave me a headache, made my eyes hurt, and it makes the screen smaller, it seems. So I never use it.

Looks good, though.
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User Info: inspirits

3 years ago#4
Overall, I like both the 3D animation and the effect, but the crappy frame rate in battles ruins it sometimes.
I also wish some of the 3D models were better, but you can't please everyone.
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