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It's's finally over

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User Info: Steelix500

3 years ago#1
National Pokedex complete..all 718 obtained. It's been a fun journey. Exploring Kalos, getting the gym badges, beating the Elite 4, grinding away all of those levels, the Pokebank s*** storm, and transporting all of my old Pokebros to their proper home.

I'd like to thank my friends, the trade board, and most importantly you guys. The Pokemon community which originally inspired me to do a task that so few have done. So from the bottom of my heart thank you all.

Time to go outside...well maybe later when the sun comes up @_@

Name: Edilio
ID No.: 44458
Pokedex: 718
Money: $62,745
Poke Miles: 483
Time: 190:08
Adventure Started on: 10/12/2013
First entered Hall of Fame on: 10/16/2013
Currently Playing: Pokemon Y & Megaman X Collection

User Info: BurnedPotatoes

3 years ago#2
Congrats TC.
3DS FC: 4656-7454-0042 FS: Pidgey, Tranquill, and Rufflet
I don't give people serious answers unless I feel like it

User Info: porygon_z_129

3 years ago#3

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Serperior > You

User Info: CrescentKnight

3 years ago#4
Congrats TC
FC: 1005-8916-0531
Pokemon X Safari: Dark. Nuzleaf, Sableye, Sneasel.

User Info: Malimario98

3 years ago#5
Congratulations, TC.
Shrek is love, Shrek is life.

User Info: SilveryZangoose

3 years ago#6

User Info: Steelix500

3 years ago#7
Thanks you guys!
Currently Playing: Megaman X Collection

User Info: Lexifox

3 years ago#8
"Murder of the living is tragic, but murder of the idea is unforgivable." - Janus, speaker of the synod

User Info: Ku-Ri-Boh

3 years ago#9
I laughed at all the "congratz" posts with full stop

I believe at least one of them conveys something else
3DS FC: 2449-4661-4119
Gfaq users must have some of the lowest IQs to fall for every bit of bait and sarcasm

User Info: ktribal

3 years ago#10
Congrats! (sincerely)

This was the first game I completed the NatDex too. :D
3DS - 0232 7524 0672 | ACNL Main: Karly from Giliw |
IGN: Karly
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