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The Sylveon in the anime this week

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User Info: InfamousTouya

3 years ago#11
TheRamosOnline posted...
I was somehow more interested in the obvious shipping between Ash and Serena.
Boy, the fangirls are gonna hate her as much as they hate Kairi from Kingdom Hearts.

I was also bothered by Sylveons size. It's meant to be 1 meter tall, but here it looks barely a meter LONG.

Obvious shipping? It's more of a one sided love. Ash never showed any regards or affection about Serena, and the writers don't indicate about it.

It's like Ash and Misty all over again. They write hints, then don't do doodly squat about it later on.
(Although, this could stem from me disliking all ships.)

Wait, why do fangirls hate Kairi? As far as I know, it's one sided as well, as Sora shows slight interest, but Kairi doesn't seem to notice.
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