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Are you embarrassed to buy Pokemon games or play Pokemon in public?

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User Info: jiijekkk12

3 years ago#151
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User Info: awesome105

3 years ago#152
I'm not that open with it (but that's partly just my personality), but it doesn't embarrass me.
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User Info: blood_blues

3 years ago#153
The day I care what people think about what video games I play is not a day that will ever come to pass.

If you do care, you're wasting your time, and no amount of keeping yourself away from pokemon is gonna change it... Just give up.
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Unimatrix Zero One 3 years ago#154
Well... playing most Pokemon games in public, so what?

Though I would never play Dream Radar in public - flailing my 3DS around like that would look freakin' weird.
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User Info: Coffeechipmunk

3 years ago#155
I've met a few people who were also playing Pokemon before, and we usually say whats up, do a battle or two, trade, and add each others Friend Code. I think playing in public ins fine.
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User Info: PikaplaysPKMN

3 years ago#156
Whats the prob wit that?
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User Info: Runeofnite

3 years ago#157
My Pokemon shirt and tendency to play in between classes (cursing out the RNG all the while) say otherwise. I'm an adult and I can play whatever I want.
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User Info: LightEmperor

3 years ago#158
In middle school, when I talk about Pokemon with my best friend, I try to avoid using the word "Pokemon" just so people who hear won't ridicule us.

It didn't help that I witnessed a girl get turned off because she found out that the guy asking her out was a huge Pokemon fan.

Then later I realized, if people are going to judge you harshly just because you play Pokemon, then they are just shallow freaks.

So in high school onwards, I play and talk about Pokemon without giving a **** as to what people say. People also tend to be less judgmental and more mature later on so I never had to worry anymore whether people will judge me or not.

User Info: actuatedkarma

3 years ago#159
mecha-man posted...
I'm not embarrassed to buy the games. However, I don't have the guts to walk into a store to ask for the download code on Magmar/Electabuzz they have going now. It's just... It's too much to ask! May if they were more impressive Pokémon I would go for it.

The hardcore people got there first. I walked in and they said they ran out on like the 4th or 5th day.

Anyway pokemon in school isn't that bad, I was playing it (on the computer) and then 3 people came up and asked if they could get a rom for it. If you act like it isn't a big deal, the NO-ONE CARES.
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User Info: ar4757

3 years ago#160
School was funny this year. We had sort of a pokemon resurgence. Apparently word spread about emulating the good ole gba games on phones, and it spread like fire. Literally half the people in class would play at one point that period or another. We even had a kid whose phone blasted fire red's intro theme as he started up the game haha. Of course, I had already been playing the gba games before most this year, so I taught em how to wirelessly battle together - which is sick! Everyone else thought so. That was quarter 2 in October - December. After winter break it died off mostly. Then after spring break i return and amazed to see it's back again. Now people are going for dex completion. A few are playing mystery dungeon. Incredible. Of course, I helped the second resurgence, by hosting a pixelmon minecraft server in my engineering class (our teacher approves as he is amazed). We got my junior classmates and, more surprisingly, the jock seniors playing pixelmon. We just finished getting all 8 badges in my kanto hoenn hybrid map I created. And I discovered people I wouldn't expect to play bought a 3ds just for pokemon x/y. Like our student class secretary.

TL,DR: My school experienced a pokemania. It was shockingly epic.
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