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Are you embarrassed to buy Pokemon games or play Pokemon in public?

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User Info: deathscythe257

3 years ago#161
Yes, this is a signature.

User Info: ar4757

3 years ago#162
Bump for someone to read my post
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User Info: OlafPietro

3 years ago#163
Nope. I am a nerd, and I'm proud of it! My brother is embarrassed of me though. :( But that's their problem. :D
"Every puzzle has an answer."
-Professor Layton

User Info: poe376

3 years ago#164
OrochiStorm posted...
You have to be some kind of authentic sociopath to walk up to someone and ridicule them for what they're buying/doing out in public, and if you work in a game store and ridicule a customer for any reason, you can literally be fired on the spot.

I, like most people here, have left any and all schoolyard moronics behind. Even bronies don't get publically harassed.

Literally fired on the spot, eh?
So what you mean to tell me is that a game store employee can burst into flames whilst standing upon a small circle on the ground?
"Pokemon is 45% team, 5% skill, 50% luck. Deal with it or stop playing." -ss4gogeta_dark. I'm looking at you, Smogon. -.-
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User Info: k41m

3 years ago#165
I sit on the beach and play to relax, if anybody has a problem with it or wants to crack jokes at me I will crack their jaw. Although a probation violation is the last thing I need.

I hate people who think it's cool to try and make others feel inferior. Although I haven't had it happened to me I know it does happen.

User Info: k41m

3 years ago#166
Btw you should never feel self conscious about doing things you enjoy. People who want to make fun of you are not worth your time.

For anybody that lives their lives with the thought of "Will I get made fun of for this? Am I cool yet?"
..Your doing it wrong.
So I walk a thin line but snort a fat rail

User Info: eldewey519

3 years ago#167
My senior quote was "gotta catch 'em all!". I was the only of my friends to play it, but people respect confidence and a carefree attitude, so I never got teased.

Six years later, I play Pokemon daily in my break room at work. The guys I work with twice my age tried to poke fun at me for about two days. After seeing I didn't care, they started asking me legitimate questions about it. Confidence in your hobbies and who you are makes anything acceptable to society in my limited experience.
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User Info: Charganium

3 years ago#168
I wear Pokémon T-shirts, use a Pokémon backpack, keep pencils in a Pokémon Center pencil box, and play Pokémon in study hall.

Still get babes. just not the ones I want :(
This signature is here so people will remember me.

User Info: Darkdemon8910

3 years ago#169
I dont care one bit.

At a car boot sale, A woman had a Bulbasaur plush (I enjoy plushes a lot, I just do) I was all "OMG ITS A BULBASAUR LOLXD" in front of loads of people.
She even offered it to me for free. I still paid. If somebody gives me the joy of seeing a bulbasaur plushy, ill still pay. :D
Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. Charles Swindoll

User Info: Dragrath

3 years ago#170
on a college campus you'd be surprised how many people still play pokemon especially after new games come out (B&W2 and X &Y) I think Ive encountered 30 is people in one day on campus and I've had people request a trade before. Additionally its a gender neutral game so its been useful for conversations with women. It seems most people in the 20's either play pokemon or used to play pokemon. However more people play the games closer to their releases so by now many have had their fix moved onto other games...(they will be back when new games come out)
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