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Team Nova RP Episode 12: Twilight Alliance

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User Info: empireoffire

3 years ago#162
Later that night, just after sundown, Ceela got into her position, going prone between the trees and bushes nearest to the entrance to Dragonspiral Tower.

There were a number of things Ceela learned in her meeting with fellow agents. The most important part is that there's a Nova checkpoint on the path to the tower for whatever reason and the guards change shifts just a few minutes from present time. The second part is that Nova soldiers rarely go inside the tower, but when they do, they're well armed and almost never carry their prized Starburst equipment. The third is that her teammates are a colorful bunch: Kent tried too hard to be a casanova, Derek's a scumbag and has no problems using Starburst, and Mike was as generic as generic could be.

As expected, a small party of four Nova soldiers eventually came up the path. Ceela silently advanced, watching as they came up on the Nova checkpoint.

Ceela readied her firearms as rustling came from bushes even closer to the checkpoint, getting the attention of the Nova soldiers as one of them unlocked the door to inside the booths. After a moment, a Cacturne with some strange electronic equipment tied over its torso sprang up with surprising speed and smashed the closest soldier in the head with Brick Break. As the two other soldiers pulled their guns, the Cacturne threw a pair of Pin Missles to the neck of one soldier. The other one shot the Cacturne. As it did, the electronics began beeping and the Cacturne glowed a faint purple.

Suddenly, the electronics ignited the Cacturne, who stumbled back slightly before falling over dead. Just as suddenly, the soldier dropped his gun and began clutching at his heart before falling over and being still.

Destiny Bond, it looks like. Were I a gambler I'd bet money on Derek being behind such a dirty trick.

Without hesitating, Ceela rushed forward toward the checkpoint and kicked the now-unlocked door open and gunned down the soldiers she saw there.

"...All clear."

Chortles emerged from the direction of where the Cacturne sprang from as Derek came into the open.

"What'dya say? Not to toot my own horn, but that was quite clever, wouldn't ya say?"

I missed out on bet money.

"Were we not allies, I would gun you down where you stand", replied Ceela.

"Always a hater", said Derek, brushing her off.

"Yowza!" shouted another voice inside the booth. "Kitty's got claws!"

It's only my own luck that nailed me the lone female in a small squad that carried a borderline sex offender in the making...

Kent stepped out and spoke to Ceela. "You know, I love a woman who could kick my ass. Seeing as we have potential, how about we-"

"Stow it!" interrupted Derek. "We gotta mission to do, don't we?

"Yes", said Mike, having appeared out of seemingly nowhere. "We should proceed onward."

"Let's not waste anymore time", said Ceela. "It's only a matter of time before someone else happens to see all this while on their nightly stroll."
size does not matter....weight does.
other aliases: gamefreak043, Cyborg-Kangaroo, Joe The Smurf

User Info: empireoffire

3 years ago#163

Despite the earlier incident, Hugh was still around for the show and was now sitting on stage in his seat, swirling a wine glass half-full of a strange, glowing blue liquid. He was still in swimming trunks, but very few will be eating the eye candy tonight, since he was heavily bruised from the Mankeys assaulting him and giving him a right black eye for his troubles... And his pupils were dilated.

Anna walked up to him. "We're live soon. How are ya?"

"Everything hurts", replied Hugh, "but even though I would've probably been angry and responded with property damage, this drink of yours makes me feel... euphoric, somehow. Like everything's perfect with the world and I don't mind being kidnapped, beaten up, and made to answer personal questions submitted by fans I didn't know I had."

"Well I'm glad you're enjoying the concoction!" exclaimed Anna. "...By the way, that thing also functions as truth serum, just to warn you."

"...I ain't even mad", said Hugh, taking a drink of the beverage without any real care in the world anymore. "...By the way, is that bouncer okay?"

"Yep! Our backstage staff fixed him right up!"

"...Are you sure?! Because I think I shot him in the head--"

Anna looked at her watch-less wrist. "Whoops! Look at the time! We're about to start!"


Sparks flew as the episode of the Team Nova Mailbag began and the curtains raised. As Anna greeted the audience as usual, a high-pitched shriek came from somewhere in the back as someone reacted poorly to Hugh's bruised appearance.

Hugh scanned the audience and noticed the bouncer he shot... A bandage in the middle of the guy's bald forehead.

That just raises further questions!!!

"Alright, is our guest ready?!" asked Anna.

"Nope", said Hugh, swirling his glass.

"Excellent! Let's get started!"

You much of a Pokewood fan? Got any favorite movies or celebrities?

Hugh: I've honestly never been to big into movies. I watch them sure, but I've never been the type to memorize the names of directors or actors and so on. The deepest I've gone into is 'isn't that the guy from that one movie?'

Did you rival Nate because of his goofy shorts or his dweeby hair or both?

Hugh: Neither. We were grade-school classmates and neighbors, so I guess we just kind of became friends along the way.

Who do you hate more, Team Nova or Team Galactic?

Hugh: Nova, effortlessly. But I am kind of sour about no one doing anything about ex-Nova Galactic after killing Team Yveltal. Hell, Mewtwo's trying to gain favor with them if anything!

Is it hard always being mistaken for a Qwilfish?

Hugh: No, because it's my hair that's always being mistaken for a Qwilfish.

Hugh took a large gulp of his drink.

Have you ever met any of Nate's other Friends?

Hugh: Since I moved away? Not really.

Does the carpet match the drapes?

Hugh: ...Do yours?

What has been the hardest thing to go through for you in the war?

Hugh's face twitched slightly.

Hugh: ...What got me into it.

Hugh raised his glass and began drinking... and drinking... and drinking...

Anna: ...Um... Now's the perfect time for a commercial break! Sit tight, 'cause we'll be right back!

Hugh could still be seen chugging his drink by the time the stage curtains closed.
size does not matter....weight does.
other aliases: gamefreak043, Cyborg-Kangaroo, Joe The Smurf

User Info: empireoffire

3 years ago#164
The curtains raised once more and Hugh must've had his wine glass refilled during the break as he now had a full glass.

Anna: And we're back!

Hugh: Whoo-hoo.

Please explain, in explicit detail, exactly what your rage feels like.

Hugh: Once upon a time I usually yelled at people or crushed them in a Pokemon battle. Nowadays, either stuff breaks or people die. Stress does that to you.

How do you feel about your hair preceding your reputation? How do you even get that style to work?

Hugh: It makes me think unpleasant things. Guess that's what happens when you decide to not really care about paying attention to your hairstyle. Of course, I don't particularly feel like changing it. I've gotten too used to it and, for better or worse, I'm sticking with it.

Hugh took another large gulp of his drink.

It didn't seem like you cared much for your ex-Yveltal teammates. Was it anybody in particular whose death at Team Galactic's hands that got to you?

Hugh: Are you talking about Ever Grande? At the time I barely knew anyone there, so- as much as I hate to admit it- I can't say I really took the losses there as seriously as I could've. In the span of about a month though, I actually grew to personally know a lot of people in the team. Maybe it was because I was subconsciously desperate for companionship, but I thought I had made a couple of actual friends for once ever since the war started; something about being war buddies making such friendships easier to make, not to mention becoming thicker. Then they died and I'm all alone again.

Anna: But before then, weren't you already a loner? What's the difference between then and now?

Hugh: Because friendships were forcibly broken again. I may be used to being a loner... Doesn't mean I have to like it.

Hugh took a drink.

Who did you like more, Archie or Maxie?

Hugh: Like I said, I didn't really know anyone before Ever Grande. Sadly, the same went to Maxie, who didn't make it out. A decent guy if the stuff Archie said about him were true. Anyway, the answer is Archie by default.

How do you feel about Your Current Situation in Realgam?

Hugh: I frankly don't care anymore. I'm just angry that innocents are being held hostage and I want to do something about it, and giving myself up is the best I can do at this point. Better than rotting in Galactic's prison with barely any feeling in my cuffed wrists.

How shocked are you that Yancy Is In Team Mewtwo?

Hugh: When I first saw her with the Mewtwo representatives in Realgam, I was pretty damn surprised. But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. After what happened in the PWT and... well, I didn't expect her to take it sitting down. Then I realized she was mostly a medic, which made even more sense: saving lives without taking them. Still, I would have thought she'd go to Xerneas or something first. Less aggressive than Team Mewtwo is from what I've heard.

What's your favorite memory with Nate? With Yancy? With Your Sister?

Hugh: With Nate: taking down Team Plasma. With Yancy: being introduced to her I guess. My sister... Helping her catch her Purrloin.

Hugh took a drink.
size does not matter....weight does.
other aliases: gamefreak043, Cyborg-Kangaroo, Joe The Smurf

User Info: empireoffire

3 years ago#165
Who should win the PokeWorld Cup?

Hugh: I'm Unovan and proud!

...But isn't the world cup not for a long time from now anyway?

Do you have any plans for after the war? Perhaps more likely, do you have any plans of allowing it to end before you've killed everyone that has it coming?

Hugh: At the rate I'm going I won't have a future. If we somehow manage to not get executed though, I'd still have no idea what to do with myself once the war ends... Therapy sounds good, though.

As for killing everyone that deserves it, probably not. I don't think Celena is flat-out capable of undergoing redemption, for one. People like her will need to be put down eventually.

Do you have feelings for Yancy?

Hugh: I won't lie, she's cute. But romantically? I'm not interested. I'm just not interested in a romantic relationship in general, really. Not the time for that, and I've got a bunch of other issues I need to pay more attention to. You know... like war.

Keep,Kiss,Kill: Yancy,Duncan, Anna

Hugh: Keep Yancy, Kiss Anna, Kill Duncan.

Anna: Wait, WHAT?! I thought you weren't romantically interested in Yancy!!

Hugh: But I do find her attractive. And any choice other than killing Duncan is wrong on every level, so...

Anna: That's Tauros crap! That's the fourth guest already!! I didn't care with that last guest since that was to be expected, but still; what does she have that I-- ?!

Hugh: ...Wait, are you... jealous?


Hugh: Aaaaaand now she's pouty. If I knew that would happen, I would've answered with something that would've made her feel better about herself.

...Then again, this drink she herself gave me makes me barely able to watch what I say so she kind of brought that upon herself.

If you had to be drawn doing explicit and very inappropriate things with absolutely anyone you could have possibly met in your life, who would be your LAST choice? And what would your reaction to that existing anyways be?

Hugh: Between my sister and her Purrloin or Liepard. My reaction? Heads will roll and I don't think anything would be able to stop me.

You see this comic about you and a Purrloin?

An eager stagehand ran onstage despite Anna catching him and making exaggerated gestures that practically screamed "NOOOO! DON'T DO IT! YOU'LL DOOM US ALL!!" Said stagehand gave Hugh what appeared to be a book of sorts.

...It was several pages thick. As in triple digits.

Hugh: ...Alright, that's it.

Hugh sprang up from his seat and smashed his wine glass against the floor. The Mankeys dropped down again and almost lunged towards Hugh for another can of whoop-ass before Anna hastily produced a remote from thin air and pressed the big red button, making Hugh disappear in a puff of smoke.

Anna: ...Umm... That's our show for tonight, fellas! See you all next time!

Anna blew a kiss to the audience as the curtains closed and the Mankeys bowed.

End Intermission
size does not matter....weight does.
other aliases: gamefreak043, Cyborg-Kangaroo, Joe The Smurf

User Info: HHDeception

3 years ago#166

A young girl, a Dedenne, and a Shuckle walked into a bar. Well, kind of stumbled. The girl was quite dizzy and the Shuckle was pushing her forward. The Dedenne was pushing people out of the way by virtue of the zippers on their coats, or phones in their pockets. It didn't help that the girl was barely conscious, or that neither pokemon could actually communicate with written word.

If they started a bar fight though, someone would call people in charge, and they would help, right?
Elsewhere in Lilycove

Eusine downed another virgin drink while pretending to be a rumor hunting drunk. Apparently Nova's Prisoners might know something. Time to stumble in that direction.
A bubble dimension rift in Space-Time, AKA Palkia's Pad.

The soft plushy blue Substitute brought its toy-sized hammer down onto a gavel.

I will have order! Order in the court!

The room was empty, save for two floating pokemon, two ethereal Substitute dolls, and a Doctor that looked the complete opposite of uninterested.

Celeste stood on an isolated floating platform that he never seemed to be able to leave no matter how hard he flung himself off the edge. Space-bending is a strange thing. Jirachi and Celebi floated next to him.

"No worries Doctor. I've been on a Dialga trial before too. Just let Palkia take care of everything."

Celeste looked over to a pink Substitute on a surfboard. It was apparently practicing intense pointing, followed by the materialization of visible speech bubbles. Yep. space-bending. Very very weird.

Dialga brought his hammer down again and boomed in that familiar everywhere-at-once way that the gods of time and space usually spoke in.

The entity known as Phineas Celeste is guilty of a first degree Time Paradox, Prometheus-level treason, bearing arms against a holy being, and ascended skulduggery. How do you plead?

Palkia hurriedly struck a pose, pointed dramatically and spawned a speech bubble for Celeste to read. Celeste first looked at Palkia, then Celebi, and then just shrugged and decided to go along with it.

"Uh...I am apparently not guilty by virtue of....being a llama?"

Palkia waved his stubby arms and suddenly Celeste was absolutely correct. He didn't feel or look any different, but he was definitely a llama if you see him from the 7th dimension, which Dialga and Palkia do.

Got that right brah. He's a llama now. Llama's don't skuldug things.

Jirachi whispered, "psst, Celebi, what's a llama?"

Celebi replied, "I don't know. It must be an alternate universe thing."

Palkia waved his arms again. In the 9th dimension, Celeste was added to a convenient Qur'an.

An Islamic llama

Palkia! You will be held in contempt of court!

Bro, you're already in contempt of my face! I'm his Defensive Tourney! You know what they say, Fauxs before Bros!

Celeste was suddenly given a Faux-hawk. It was totally radical.


My client accepts your porposition to Trial by Ordeal!

A sausage appeared in Celeste's hands.

You're pleading Not Guilty! There is no Trial by Ordeal!

Oh good! So we can stop now.

The court room vanished. The pink plush Substitute pumped both hands into the air and waved them around like it didn't care.


Celeste stood quietly wondering what drugs the god of space was on.

User Info: DigiHerokid

3 years ago#167
Austin Rocked in his Cell. Repeating The Phrase.

The Bar Slid open, and Lacey Ran in grabbing him by the arm, and pulling him.

"C'mon you idiot! We Gotta Go! PJ, Cleo, and Fennel Won't Keep them busy for long!"

Austin continued rocking not Noticing her.He was in a funk.

Lacey Grabbed and lifted him up, onto his feet.

She dragged him along the long narrow hallway. They Arrivee in the Reception area, where, what few guards were fighting PJ or Cleo, or Being Charmed by a Belly Dancing Professor.

"Let's Go Austin!"

Lacey Tried pulling,but he wouldn't budge.

He Continued staring despairly at the floor, repeating"It's all my fault".

Lacey stopped and examined him. "You know what. Get your *** moving Or I'll make You Do It Myself!" She yelled, trying to avoid the chaos.

She grunted and ground her teeth together when he just continued. She Lifted her right hand high in the air, squeezing her eyes in anger, and bringing it down upon Austin's cheek.

Austin's eyes widened in shock. He looked up asessing the situation.

"I Don't Care What you do on your own time, But Get your *** moving right now, if you still wanna have one!" Lacey breathed heavy after the yelling.

Sounds of shouts, and things breaking could be heard behind them.

She grabbed his wrist and pulled him along. Muttering to, herself.

Austin was still in shock.

"Woah, Lacey what's going on?"

She kept pulling him as he stumbled forward towards the door. "What's goin' on is we're saving your ***! Now C'mon!"

She Stopped and Recalled PJ. "Cleo, Stop them Now!"

The Meowstic back over some bullets and Then Crippled the soldiers with Psychic.

Fennel Pulled in an enticed soldier as if to kiss him, but instead kicked him.


A screen flashed on. It had a live video feed of the soldiers view. Ashley in the van, quiet thinking, waiting.

Caleb watched the screen that his guards had provided him to watch the Operation.

He sighed watching the inside of the van.
3DS FC 2148-8476-2728 PokemonX:Austin "Fear is not evil.It tells you what your weakness is.And once you know your weakness,you can become stronger."

User Info: Cheesepower5

3 years ago#168

Mewtwo's voice booms gratingly in the minds of everyone around, forcing everyone to cease their conversations and clutch their heads in pain. Even Saturn, in his state of near death would certainly remember that one word being spoken once he awakens.

""This is no place or time for surgery." He says to Yancy, returning to a measured and hushed tone. "Forget it. The others are on their way."

The room is completely reorganised in a matter of seconds, with all of the invited guests sent to the table, Jupiter, Mars, Uranus and Croagunk sent to the doorway and Yveltal left untouched. Hugh was moved especially awkwardly, his purposeful stride continuing to lead him right off of his chair and face first to the adjacent unoccupied one. An unseen force holds Saturn's wounds closed as a group of medics come rushing in. They almost rush straight to Hugh and pick him up from his prone position splayed across two chairs, before Mewtwo corrects them.

"The other blue haired man, you fools!" He says. "Take him to the bay and bring the women in uniforms matching his and the giant with you. Do exactly as you are asked to during the operation unless it directly harms one of our own."

The medics yell their affirmation and carefully load Saturn onto a stretcher, one quickly attaches an IV to Saturn dripping a mixture into his system which would keep his wound from festering and reroute blood flow to the brain, while the others began pushing him out.

"I'm afraid our doors do not accommodate one of your stature, Yveltal." Mewtwo adds. "Rest assured, this man's soul is not yet ready to pass on."

"To answer your question, John Doe, we have complete control over Delphox's broadcasts already, and have since prior to your rescuing Ms. Amora from Agent Sumner in Sinnoh. We need only announce our volunteers, and Professor Birch will handle all else."
While you were hanging yourself on someone else's words -- dying to believe in what you heard, I was staring straight into the shining sun.

User Info: empireoffire

3 years ago#169
Hugh brought himself up and rested his head on one hand. Surprisingly, he only had an annoyed expression on his face. His injury to the head seemed to have calmed him down somehow.

I'm just a plaything for everyone to beat up on. I get it. No need for the constant reminder.

"That's the guy that took over?" muttered Hugh to no one in particular. "Still struggling to find good leadership, huh Yveltal?"

Meanwhile, Yancy felt relieved that she was no longer being asked to perform the near-impossible.

I don't even know how that person is still breathing... Actually, nevermind. The answer is Yveltal, isn't it?

Also meanwhile, John Doe's expression was still unreadable.

It was a rhetorical question, but thanks for the info. Now I won't have to worry about storming a broadcast without Pokemon to back me up.
size does not matter....weight does.
other aliases: gamefreak043, Cyborg-Kangaroo, Joe The Smurf

User Info: DigiHerokid

3 years ago#170
As Lacey Dragged a stumbling Austin out the door, bullets flew past their heads. One scraping Lacey's Ankle bad enough to draw blood.

She Stumbled out the doorway.

Fennel Ran up behind them, tripping over the stumbling teen.

They fell onto the ground.

A soldier Came up behind And Grabbed Fennel and Lacey's Ankles. Causing the latter to scream in pain of the bullet wound.

Fennel kicked back with her highheel.

Austin stared down at the ground, still in shock. Sandwiched between Fennel and Lacey.

He Was staring then, a black gleam shone from Lacey's pocket.

He reached in and took out his Cosmic Drive that the guards had taken from him.

He reacted fast. He swung around out from under fennel and the Galaxy Blade Sprouted forward on command, skewering the soldier.
3DS FC 2148-8476-2728 PokemonX:Austin "Fear is not evil.It tells you what your weakness is.And once you know your weakness,you can become stronger."
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