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Team Nova RP Episode 12: Twilight Alliance

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User Info: Cheesepower5

3 years ago#441
"We're back from our first break to bring you another epis-ahhhh!" Anna leaps up as an Icy Wind gusts through the stage, making her reflexively stand up only to be yanked back down from the leverage of her chain, landing on her bottom, legs wide open for the audience.

Mewtwo makes a very wheezy "ahem." "It is unbecoming of a professional announcer to be interrupted by a mere breeze. Please, continue."

"I'm a merchant, dammit! A mer-eep! Sorry!" Anna suddenly covers her mouth, overcome by shame simultaneously from her mild pottymouth and compromising position. As she tries to adjust to a more comfortable position she gets another Assurance to her behind for her troubles.

"Wrong, slave. Proceed with the questions."

"Y-yes, sir! I mean master!"

How do You Feel having 4 out of 6(Counting Mew) "Tiny" legendaries in the building?

"It is certainly more practical than having equivalent numbers of legendary Pokemon the size of Groudon or Kyogre."

Most, if not all, of soldiers' reports on their missions go through you, right? What was the strangest report you've ever gone over (reading one's memories also counts)?

"I suspect that I will never see anything more unusual than a madwoman psychically controlling Regice, attempting to court one of my subordinates using an ice sculpture of his old friend as proxy. Even saying it aloud makes me wonder if perhaps we exist in some kind of twisted simulacrum of a false reality created from the imaginings of bored young degenerates."

How do You Really Feel about Unauthorized missions like the one That Previously occurred involving Riley, Cheryl, two Xerneas Members, a Magician, and A Boy?

"Initiative is an admirable quality in many measures, this case being no exception. Conversely, discretion is often a talent I require but even my foresight is limited. A warning would have been appreciated."

Did any of the Speeches Surprise You/Touch You?

"Not particularly, I must say. My precognition is, at least, enough to read their emotions and probable word choice. It seems as if there was more that Private Gallowglass wished to say."

Do you have any opinion on the rebels forming romantic relationships with other soldiers during wartime?

"It is reckless and foolish. Though, not as reckless and foolish as forbidding it."

Have you ever thought about a relationship with your suboordinates?

"Subordination is their relationship with me by definition. Romantically? I have no such inclinations."

"W-well, some people might not see... such a big difference, ya' know...?"

"Such as yourself? Or is that just the serum raising your heartbeat so greatly?"

"N-neither! I mean... I'm not...!" Anna flusters. "I'll make you suffer! ...S-sorry..."

Have you been able to notice when your soldiers were abducted from Realgam Tower to participate in previous episodes of this show?

"For all intents and purposes they never left. I suspect that finding out how this world interacts with my own would be more the domain suited to Dr. Celeste."

Would you Make Anna Show you Previous Mailbag Highlights? Specifically Yancy, John Doe, and Meridia.

"I have taken the liberty of reading the scripts and revenge, I must say, is sweet."

"B-but I was just doing my job!" Anna whimpers.
While you were hanging yourself on someone else's words -- dying to believe in what you heard, I was staring straight into the shining sun.

User Info: Cheesepower5

3 years ago#442
Two executives are fanning Mewtwo with a giant-leafed branch as the curtain rises, a third holding out a glass of lemomade with a straw in it for him to sip on.

"Um, we're rolling..." Anna points out quietly. "Should I...?"

Mewtwo takes a long, pensive drink from the straw. "Very well, then." He says, still drinking.

How did you first meet Blue? How about Benga?

"I met Blue in the lab in which I was created. He almost seemed possessive of me at first, perhaps because Red held the original Mewtwo and he had lost Deoxys. Benga was leading a small band of mostly ex-Xerneas guerillas when I first contacted him, having seen his profile among Blue's contacts. I confess... I had expected more at first. But he seems to have a way with boosting morale in most troops, getting people 'pumped up' as he might say. His talents complement my own well and I rarely regret my decision."

Is Benga living up to your expectations?

"His natural talent and simple charisman continue to impress me every day and yet his buffoonery is confounding. I have learned to not hold expectations of people such as he."


"Did he live up to your expectations, slave?"

"P-please don't talk about that..."

How do you feel running the most Stable and Strongest Anti-Nova Regimen?

"Feel...? ...Apprehensive, perhaps. We shall see what becomes of that."

What do you consider to be the resistance's biggest strength? It's biggest weakness?

"It is largely individual. Perhaps determination with regards to the former and the general pathology of revenge for the latter."

Which Admin Do you see as the Biggest threat?

"Maurice and Duncan are comprehensible. Celena is not. That makes her something to be wary of, both as a leader and as a combatant."

"What is Your Motive for Fighting In the War gainst Team Nova?"

"I was created to do it and now that I am no longer bound to my programming I see no pragmatic reasons not to continue. My life, my work and I admit, my friends all depend on the end of this tyranny."

"The real tyranny is this outfit! I've started a petition to put a stop to this! Our Facebook group has seven li-!"

Mewtwo wraps his tail around Anna's mouth as an impromptu gag.


"Much better."

Assuming you win the war, what kind of government would you aim to create in Nova's place?

"The goal is to reestablish the Pokemon League. Although I will not be overseeing that side of the reconstruction. That task falls on humanity, first and foremost."

Why do you want to restore the Pokemon League? Is there a specific region you'd like to settle down in after this is all over?

"It is the system which my creators wished to create and I intend to honour their goals. As for my own plans, Benga and I have elected to go in search of the species of Pokemon in order to understand the true extent of the damage Nova has caused."

Anna pulls free from Mewtwo's bind just long enough to gasp for air and say "D'awww! I ship i-!" And then she feels the tail go in... just the tip, silencing her once more.

While you were hanging yourself on someone else's words -- dying to believe in what you heard, I was staring straight into the shining sun.

User Info: Cheesepower5

3 years ago#443
(OK... So I lied. This one is mostly just set-up.)

The camera rolls once more, now panning over the audience who are glued to their seats down to the last man and clearly entranced by whatever they're seeing. Finally, the camera fixes on the stage showing... Nothing but the still drawn red velvet curtain. Judging from the sound and occasional dramatic billowing, they're probably just waiting to catch a glimpse of the epic battle going on behind the scenes.

"Is there a move he can't use!?" An executive asks, conveniently contributing to the narration of the scene.

"But he can't even land a hit!" Another cries, between Dragon Ball Z-esque combat sound effects.

An Earthquake shakes the entire studio, screams of terror rising up from the filming of "Barney and Friends" next door.

"She can fly!?"

"Could it be...?"

"Her true form!'

"I'm blind! ...And a bit aroused!"

The last one was even a female executive.

"DON'T F*** WITH THE RNG GODDESS!" Anna's voice calls out, followed by a massive fireball engulfing the entire stage, blowing smoke in every direction like a 420 parade underneath the curtain.

The curtain lifts, and the camera is forced to quickly spin over the audience, many of whom are overcome by nosebleeds, one so violent it sends the man rocketing into the air.

"I'm back, b****es!" Anna declares proudly, as the camera angle switches to a perspective behind the spunky announcer, showing a suitably PG13 angle of her would-be full frontal nudity, including her rotund bottom as she bares it all for the audience with her arms spread wide to present herself. "And just as shameless as ever!"

Mewtwo isn't as badly wounded as one might expect, but he is restrained by two other (fully clothed in her usual red blouse combo) Annas. A third is sitting on top of his face, proudly flaunting an empty bottle of "Feraligatorade."

"That is not supposed to be a good thing, you know..."

"How are you talking!?"

"I speak with my mind. How are you recording it?"

"...Well don't! From now on, you may only speak to answer questions, or I'll be forced to bring on the pain!"

What name or title would you choose for yourself to differentiate you from other Mewtwos in the past/future?

"That is trite compared to my lofty concerns... Although I have always been partial to the name Leslie."

What's the biggest difference you found after your fusion with Mew?

"My power, of course! And I find that pink suits me..." His eyes contort in obvious rage and self loathing as the audience laughs. "Silence! I could kill you all!"

Does living up to your predecessor ever worry you?

"The previous Mewtwo is either dead or otherwise disposed of, it is my every intention to surpass that standard."

Do you care that Galactic wiped out the previous Yveltal Team?

"Only in that it benefits my cause. If there is anything I can say to my defense... I hardly knew any one of them."

Have you ever done anything intimate?

"Benga once requested that I high-five him. I informed him that I only have three digits... so we high-threed. Is that sufficiently intimate?"

"Still shipping it~!"
While you were hanging yourself on someone else's words -- dying to believe in what you heard, I was staring straight into the shining sun.
(message deleted)
(message deleted)

User Info: Cheesepower5

3 years ago#446
"Hey, everyone! I'd just like to make a quick public service announcement aimed at my amazing audience!" Anna declares. "If you're experiencing dizziness, loss of vision or lapses in consciousness as a result of blood loss then you can restock at the first aid station set up in the lobby! Only ten bucks a pop... We got it from a previous guest whose show had to be cancelled, but there's plenty!"

A robotic voice chimes in to give the disclaimer. "Side effects may include HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis A-Z, death, lack of death and spontaneous limb growth."

"Now how do we feel about getting back to the program?" Anna asks.

"The sooner my oesophagus is not being squished by your body double's labia, the better." Mewtwo replies, a bemused look on his half covered face.

What do you consider your greatest failure in the war?

"Underestimating Nova's security, resulting in the lockdown of Sinnoh. Like all situations, it may yet be salvaged."

What's your Favorite pokemon?

"I do not count? ...Perhaps Skitty."

If The Rebels Win, What is Your Re-construction Plan For More Severely Damaged Areas, Such as Kalos?

"First, essential species such as Durant and Combee must be reintroduced to the environment. Then, if she still lives, Xerneas may repopulate the non sentient plant life so that other Pokemon may move in. Lacking that, we may take samples of trees, grass and flowers from geographically similar regions and introduce them to the soil formed in Kalos. With any luck, it could begin to resemble the region in ancient times after a century or so."

Do you have any hair anywhere?

"Do you not see the plush, touchable fur which covers my entire being? There are poachers that would go to great lengths for such a fine hide.

...That is a joke. I have neither fur nor hair."

If you knew Palkia was doing reality warping drugs, would you try some?

"I prefer to keep my consciousness unaltered, thank you very much."

Would you rather get stoned with Palkia, or by Arceus?

"...Although anything might be made preferable in contrast."

Do you care that Celeste goes out of his office unannounced for extended periods of time?

"By this time there is little I can offer to the Doctor and little he can offer to me, in terms of services. I am glad for the time he spent helping us, but it is his time to work on his own projects and I wish him the best for it. I have known for some time that I am not his boss, nor the only one to whom he is in employ."

Bro, do u even lift?! Fight me IRL!1! ~ Guy with the yellow hat on seat A13 of the audience.

The man in the yellow hat is ripped from his seat by psychic force, smashing through the studio ceiling.

"Avenge me Geeeeeeoooooorrrrrrrr..." He screams, a curious looking Mankey running out of the building after him.

What is a task you believe you could only just barely do with your psychic powers?

"Throwing that man any farther than I did." Mewtwo responds simply.

Anna turns and whispers to an executive. "Ummm... I distract the audience, you go bribe his family?" She asks, receiving a nod in response.

"For this commercial break, I'm going to make six varieties of tropical fruit... disappear!"

The audience remained in their seats.
While you were hanging yourself on someone else's words -- dying to believe in what you heard, I was staring straight into the shining sun.

User Info: HHDeception

3 years ago#447
Arceus woke up from his seventh day rest. And he surveyed his creation. And he deemed it...uh...

Holy Fudging Self! What did they do to Kalos? What in blazes is StarBurst and why does it have such a stupid name? What's Red doing here and how is he talking? Why are there Russians? What happened to that Jay person and why does he have a thing for Zoroarks? What did they do to Darkrai? Why is this Celeste person allowed so many ass-pulls? Why is there an abandoned Christmas special filled with date rape?Why can I smell the sexual frustration of male adolescents oozing from every pore of this Anna girl? What the hell did they do to Palkia?!?!

That's it! Show's over!

And so this world disappeared for another in a puff of illogical contempt.

The End(?)

User Info: empireoffire

3 years ago#448
size does not matter....weight does.
other aliases: gamefreak043, Cyborg-Kangaroo, Joe The Smurf
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