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Favorite pure and dual pokemon of each type?

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User Info: pkivysaur

3 years ago#1
Normal: Cinnicino and Wigglytuff
Grass: Lilligant and Tropius
Fire: Arcanine and Victini
Water: Milotic and Azumarill
Electric: Ampharos and Rotom
Fighting: Pancham and Blaziken
Poison: seviper and venusaur
Bug: accelgor and scizor
Steel: klingklang and jirachi
Flying: honestly none cause i hate tornadus, but i like togekiss
Ice: glaceon and mamoswine
Dragon: haxorus and noivern
Rock: gigalith and tyranum
Ground: donphan and excadrill
Ghost: banette and gengar
Dark: zoroark and pangoro
Psychic: cresselia and delphox
Fairy: clefable and gardevoir
"I'll hone my mind and become one with Pokemon!" ~ Unova Pokemon Champion Iris
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User Info: NeedProteanFroa

3 years ago#2
Normal: tauros and staraptor
Grass- Turtwig and torterra
Fire- Arcanine and blaziken
Water- Squirtle and Azumarill
Electric- Luxray/manetric and Rotom
Fighting- Conkeldurr and Pangoro
Poison- Arbok and Venusaur
Bug- Pinsir and Volcorona
Steel- Registeel and Metagross
Flying- Staraptor
Ice- Glaceon and mamoswine
Dragon- Dragonair and Dragonite
Ground- none and excadrill
Ghost- Banette and Gengar
Dark- zorack and Pangoro
Psychic- Azelf and metagross
Fairy- sylveon and gardevoir
3797-7029-0185 | IGN:Malec |

User Info: ShinyMoogle

3 years ago#3
Normal: Rattata, Fletchling*
Grass: Snivy, Celebi
Fire: Charmander, Victini
Water: Vaporeon, Dewgong
Electric: Pikachu, Emolga
Fighting: Mienshao, ....... Mienshao under Forest's Curse
Poison: Nidorina, Ariados
Bug: Illumise, Butterfree (Honorable mention: Vivillon)
Steel: Porygon, Jirachi
Flying: Kecleon, Emolga
Ice: Glaceon, Amaura
Dragon: Dragonair, Latias
Rock: Porygon2, Amaura
Ground: Marowak, Larvitar
Ghost: Mismagius, Litwick
Dark: Umbreon, Sneasel
Psychic: Mew, Celebi
Fairy: Sylveon, Togetic

Not a stuffed animal.

User Info: Llanthana

3 years ago#4
Zangoose and Sawsbuck
Machamp and Lucario
Tornadus-T and Pidgeot
Seviper and Nidoking
Sandslash and Gliscor
Gigalith and Tyrantrum
Accelgor and Galvantula
Duskull and Giratina
Mega-Aggron and Bisharp
Typhlosion and Charizard
Milotic and Empoleon
Gogoat and Breloom
Luxray and Magneton
Mewtwo and Gallade
Avalugg and Kyurem Black
Dragonair and Garchomp
Absol and Scrafty
Xerneas and Gardevoir
3DS FC is 1478-3937-5708 Fire Safari with Magmar, Slugma, Braixen.

User Info: OfficerZangoose

3 years ago#5
Normal: Porygon-Z and Staraptor
Grass: Serperior and Roserade
Fire: Ninetales and (Mega) Charizard
Water: Feraligatr and (Mega) Gyarados
Electric: Eelektross and Heliolisk
Fighting: Primeape and (Mega) Medicham
Poison: Weezing and Nidoking
Bug: Pinsir and Volcarona
Steel: (Mega) Aggron and Aegislash
Flying: Noivern
Ice: Avalugg and Froslass
Dragon: Goodra and Salamence
Rock: Rampardos and Barbaracle
Ground: Donphan and Krookodile
Ghost: (Mega) Banette and Chandelure
Dark: Zoroark and Sableye
Psychic: Meowstic and Gallade
Fairy: Florges and Togekiss
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