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Sorry Delphox...

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User Info: RedYoshi27

3 years ago#41
I kept my froakie -> greninja. I suffer from serious can't drop the hero syndrome.
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User Info: Kaguya_Kimimaro

3 years ago#42
Even when I started WT'ing random Pokemon and got Charmander, my Braixen Hitome stayed on my team through the story and E4/Champion, I honestly didn't have the heart to get rid of her.....or let her evolve INTO a Delphox...
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User Info: darkshadowspawn

3 years ago#43
dunku posted...
ITT: bunch of people who judge by competitiveness and not by anyother trait other than stats. Delphox has the most unique evolutions of all three pokemon, how many fire psychics do we have in all of pokemon? I can only name Victni off the top of my head. Delphox only sucks becausse fire types in general sucks, and psychics are now decent i guess, im not so sure about that. the typing is bad, and nobody wants to use it becausse it's a liability if we use in the competitive scene.

That dosen't mean the pokemon is thrash.. Delphox is awesome and you guys should be ashamed.

I was lucky enough to have started with a Modest/Hp ice delphox in my first run in Pokemon X, i wrecked the game with it whole way through, and it was fun as hell using my delphox. I didnt even use it;'s signature moves xD

though if one is to ask me which is the best of three. I'd go Greninja > Delphix > chesnaught
honestly chespin is a kawaii as hell pokemon, but his other evos suck, and is ugly as hell lol

excuse my grammar, im not from america. but thanks laters.

1. Chesnaught's typing is almost as 'unique', as it's shared by only two others: Breloom and Virizion. If you count Zen Mode Darmanitan, they're exactly the same...hell, you can't even say that Greninja's typing is any more 'unique', since Carvanha/Sharpedo and Crawdaunt are the same types.

2. Even in the game, you're staring at several weaknesses (Water, Ground, Rock, Ghost, Dark); this means that almost anything in the game can hit it for SE damage. Yes, Chesnaught has more (Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying, Psychic, Fairy...and Flying is x4), but two of them aren't big attacking types (Ice, Poison) and Fairy has terrible distribution (outside of the one TM).

3. Delphox learns four types of attacks naturally (Normal, Fire, Psychic, Ghost); Chesnaught learns seven (Normal, Grass, Rock, Dark, Bug, Ground, Fighting). Taking TMs/HMs/Egg Moves into account, Delphox gets three more (discounting HP...Grass, Dark, Fighting) while Chesnaught gets five (again, discounting HP...Dragon, Poison, Flying, Ghost, Steel). Delphox's Special options are of five types (Normal, Fire, Psychic, Ghost, Grass), whereas Chesnaught has Physical options of all twelve types that it can learn.

4. Finally, taking abilities into account (and discounting the basic starter abilities...they're incredibly situational):

Greninja - Really nothing bad can be said about this one...STAB on every move and the possibility of immunities.
Chesnaught - Grants immunity to quite a few moves in a specific list (; immunities are always appreciated. Bonus points for being a signature ability (Klefki gets Magician, Kecleon gets Protean).
Delphox - Niche ability, but can cripple an opponent if you bring Delphox out with either a consumable or no item.
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User Info: darkshadowspawn

3 years ago#44
As for the topic at hand, I put my Chesnaught away at level 54.

Current team fluctuates...


The first five are my Friend Safari group (Trevenant to Frisk/Thief, Gardevoir to search for abilities, Noctowl for Hypnosis, Bisharp for False Swipe), while the 6th spot is filled by random Pokemon (ones I want evolved, Lapras when I'm not evolving).
My great weakness is the love I have for the fair sex, and pretty much all my trouble comes from or can be traced to that charming source.
- Myles Keogh

User Info: paipr

3 years ago#45
i usually commit to a starter, or i ditch it as soon as possible. gen 5 i started with a tepig and received a oshawott in trade for my first playthrough kept both. snivy i never really used, and if i did it was gone before it evolved.

this gen i started with chesnaught, which worked out really well. for someone that really plays in game, chesnaught is great, plenty of variety in its level up move pool, and plenty of TMs to learn.

second playthrough i used a protean froakie. needless to say that worked out well. plenty of options, and the ever changing type was fun.

i have yet to use fennekin, but i plan to with the '3rd' version what ever form it may take. very hopeful that in that game they improve its level up move pool, or at least TMs, also expecting it to get some good options via move tutor. really in my mind thats the thing that holds it back the most (weak, only good in competitive play, and even then not great HA aside) is its lack of options. I like options and fennekin line just didnt get the love that the other two starters did.

ps, while i want options, and boltbeam certainly would be options, that kinda a tired option, lets see a bit more creativity than those two attacks, there are plenty of other electric and ice attacks, so unless they are 65bp lets do something more creative. discharge, freeze dry sounds good. and hex would be grand.
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User Info: SeahorseCpt89

3 years ago#46
Currently, the only games where I ditched my starters were White 2 and Heart Gold. White 2 because the only starter I liked from Gen 5 was the Oshawott line, but I already used him in White. So I chose Trepig, evolved him to Pignite and ditched him the second I got a Growlithe. Riolu is my real starter in that game. I kept my Totodile and evolved it all the way, then I ditched it for Suicune (though I really wish Suicune didn't show up so late in the game).

I kept Delphox on my team the first playthrough and Greninja when I played a second time. Hell, I still have my Delphox from the first playthrough.
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User Info: Laihendi

3 years ago#47
this game is ridiculously easy so dumping a pokemon just because it's not good enough is kind of dumb. unless it's in a competitive context of course.

User Info: Aurawhisperer

3 years ago#48
Laihendi posted...
this game is ridiculously easy so dumping a pokemon just because it's not good enough is kind of dumb. unless it's in a competitive context of course.

So dumping a pokemon for another that I like more and is able to perform better, and has a cool mega makes me dumb?

What a bias response
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User Info: Chemuraderie

3 years ago#49
Misdreavus573 posted...
I refuse to give up on The Delphox.

You may have flaming dragons, birds, kung-fu animals, and Kagoutis (Heatran), but I have a fire mage.

Oh man, this reminded me of that Level 5 Fire Mage joke that some kids at my workplace keep talking about.
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