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If characters from other franchises would be Pokemon V.2

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User Info: OfficerZangoose

3 years ago#1
Title describes it pretty much. Choose a character from another franchise and determine his/her type, ability and attacks.

I'll start:

Gohan SSJ2 (Fighting)
Ability: Pure Power

Notable moves:

Power-Up Punch
Close Combat
Aura Sphere
Bulk Up
Focus Blast
Quick Guard
Double Team
Extreme Speed
Focus Energy
Hyper Beam
Hold Back
Air Slash
Earth Power
Knock Off
Sucker Punch
Iron Head


Attack: 900
Defense: 700
Special Attack: 890
Special Defense: 750
Speed: 950

...What did you expect? It's a Super Saiyan!

User Info: OfficerZangoose

3 years ago#2

User Info: MrDerpFTW

3 years ago#3
Bumpy Dumpy Lump?
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User Info: Gunsandredroses

3 years ago#4
I'd suggest Mara from Persona. Parents didn't seem to mind Palkia's head being shaped so...suggestively, so why should they complain about Mara?
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User Info: KillerMechanoid

3 years ago#5
Here goes:
(Assuming that they don't get Steel from being robots and all)

Chill Penguin: Ice
Spark Mandrill: Electric/Fighting
Armored Armadillo: Ground/Steel
Launch Octopus: Water
Boomer Kuwanger: Bug/Dark
Sting Chameleon: Normal w/Protean
Storm Eagle: Flying
Flame Mammoth: Fire

Wire Sponge: Grass/Electric
Wheel Gator: Water/Steel
Bubble Crab: Water
Flame Stag: Fire/Fighting
Morph Moth: Steel/Bug w/Levitate
Magna Centipede: Bug/Psychic
Crystal Snail: Rock/Steel
Overdrive Ostrich: Normal (w/Extremespeed)

Blast Hornet: Bug/Flying
Blizzard Buffalo: Ice
Toxic Seahorse: Poison/Water
Tunnel Rhino: Ground/Steel
Volt Catfish: Electric
Crush Crawfish: Steel/Water
Neon Tiger: Electric/Fire
Gravity Beetle: Bug/Psychic

Web Spider: Bug/Electric
Split Mushroom: Grass/Poison (learns Substitute naturally)
Cyber Peacock: Ghost/Flying
Storm Owl: Flying
Magma Dragoon: Fire/Dragon w/Fighting moves
Frost Walrus: Ice/Fighting
Jet Stingray: Water/Flying
Slash Beast: Fighting

Crescent Grizzly: Ground/Fighting
Tidal Whale: Water/Ice
Volt Kraken: Electric w/Levitate
Shining Firefly: Bug/Fairy w/Levitate
Dark Necrobat: Dark/Flying
Spiral Pegacion: Flying
Burn Dinorex: Fire/Dragon
Spike Rosered: Grass (learns Substitute naturally)

Commander Yammark: Bug/Fly
Ground Scaravich: Bug/Ground
Blaze Heatnix: Fire/Flying
Blizzard Wolfang: Ice
Rainy Turtloid: Water
Metal Shark Player: Steel
Shield Sheldon: Steel
Infinity Mijinon: Bug/Water (learns Substitute naturally)

Ride Boarski: Fire
Snipe Anteator: Normal
Wind Crowrang: Flying
Vanishing Gungaroo: Fighting
Soldier Stonekong: Rock/Fighting
Tornado Tonion: Grass/Electric
Splash Warfly: Water/Flying
Flame Hyenard: Fire/Dark (learns Substitute naturally)

Optic Sunflower: Grass/Fairy (learns Substitute naturally)
Dark Mantis: Bug/Dark
Gravity Antonion: Bug/Psychic
Earthrock Trilobyte: Ground/Steel
Gigabolt Man-o-war: Electric w/Levitate
Avalanche Yeti: Ice/Fighting
Burn Rooster: Fire/Fighting
Bamboo Pandamonium: Grass/Fighting

Mega Man X: Steel w/Protean
Zero: Steel/Fighting
Sigma: Dark/Steel
Sigma Virus: Normal/Ghost

User Info: KillerMechanoid

3 years ago#6
Magma Dragoon
Type: Fire/Dragon
Ability: Exploding Fist (Powers up Fighting moves and gives them a chance to burn)

Aura Sphere (Hadouken)
Fire Blast (Hadouken)
Sky Uppercut (Shoryuken)
Fire Punch (Shoryuken)
Blaze Kick (Kick move)
Hi Jump Kick (Kick move)
Dragonbreath (Fire Breath)
Flamethrower (Fire Breath)
Dragon Pulse (Fire Breath)
Lava Plume (Lava Pillar)
Draco Meteor (Meteor Storm)
Detect (Jump evade)
Agility (Jump evade)
Bulk Up
Work Up

Slash Beast
Type: Fighting
Ability: Tough Claws/Intimidate
Noble Roar
Stomp (Stomping Move)
Hi Jump Kick (Stomping Move)
Air Slash (Flashkick move)
Air Cutter (Flashkick move)
Vacuum Wave (Flashkick move)
Extremespeed (Charging around)
Mach Punch (Charging around)
Double-Edge (Charging around)
Counter (Counter move)
Mirror Coat (Counter move)
Crunch (Grab X or Zero then slam them)
Superpower (Grab X or Zero then slam them)

Jet Stingray
Type: Flying/Water
Ability: Aerilate
Quick Attack
Waterfall (various charging moves)
Aqua Tail (various charging moves)
Brave Bird (various charging moves)
Double-Edge (various charging moves)
Whirlpool (Whirlpool move)
Icicle Spear (Stand-in for the baby stingray move)
Drill Run (Spinning Charge)
Rapid Spin (Spinning Charge)
Fly (Desperation move)
Sky Attack (Desperation move)
Bounce (Desperation move)
Roost (Landing on the ground to use Whirlpool)

Dark Mantis
Type: Bug/Dark
Ability: Sniper/Technician
Slash (regular attack)
Pursuit (regular attack)
Faint Attack (regular attack)
X-Scissor (2 blade attack)
U-Turn (Jumping around)
Spike Cannon (Black Arrows)
Dark Pulse (Black boomerangs)
Bug Bite (Life Drain)
Leech Life (Life Drain)
Bite (Life Drain)
Crunch (Life Drain)
Focus Energy (Desperation attack, makes his blades larger)
Night Slash (Desperation attack)

Avalanche Yeti
Abilities: Snow Cloak/Snow Warning
Ice Shard (Ice Gatling)
Icicle Spear (Ice Gatling)
Spike Cannon (Ice Gatling)
Hail (Desperation attack)
Ice Punch (Hyouryuushou)
Sky Uppercut (Hyouryuushou)
Mach Punch (Charging move)
Avalanche (Charging move)
Superpower (Charging move)

User Info: OfficerZangoose

3 years ago#7
OfficerZangoose posted...

User Info: Lazlo66

3 years ago#8
Captain Haddock
Ability: Anger Point

Aqua Jet
Constrict (sailors with knots)
Water Pulse

User Info: OfficerZangoose

3 years ago#9
OfficerZangoose posted...
OfficerZangoose posted...
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