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Will people ever stop bashing different gens?

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User Info: Swamp-marsh-mud

3 years ago#21
blademyth posted...
No, because this is the internet and everyone thinks their opinion is right in that (insert gen # here) version is better than (insert gen # here.) Also, people feel the need to hate on others for their opinions because they are behind a wall of animosity.

The internet attracts everyone and anyone that has a internet connection (computer not needed now adays,) to rise above the stupidity of subjective opinions you have to learn to just ignore them.

From a technical aspect each Generation is better than the previous objectively. While mechanically that is up for debate without breaking the game down 100% and understanding it is pretty difficult.

It seems you understand though.

I personally don't care if someone likes an other gen more than my favorite gen (gen 3). All gens are good at something.

I have it easy, I like every gen. It's so much easier to agree with everything why a certain gen is good.

I don't see why anyone would be offended, because someone likes (Insert gen here) more than your best gen. Is it a personal attack or something? You don't even know the poster in real life, so why should you care?
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