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Best Greninja-Counter Lead?

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User Info: Cuppa_Ace

3 years ago#1
I really enjoy playing wifi singles, but the one thing I seem to run into more then anything is Protean Greninja leads. Yes they're usually easily taken down but not without taking a massive blow or even losing a Poke in the process.

Can anyone recommend specifically a good lead to counter Greninja? Something that can outspeed OHKO or take a hit, laugh and dish a massive hit back?

User Info: InfiniSephiroth

3 years ago#2
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User Info: Matthew3DSGamer

3 years ago#3
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User Info: Chaosmaster00

3 years ago#4
Sash'n'Smash Cloyster?
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User Info: TalesOfXAndY

3 years ago#5
Everyone hates Mega Latios :(
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User Info: porygon_z_129

3 years ago#6
things faster than ninja frog that can do decent damage on it.
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User Info: Insanylum13

3 years ago#7
Flame Orb guts Conkelldur with mach punch.

And if they have a ghost on their team you can always predict the switch with knock off.
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User Info: M1Astray

3 years ago#8
Scarfed electric types? And if it's clear they're going to switch you can Volt Switch, or HP Ice if they have the balls to go straight for their Landorus.
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User Info: Xavuu

3 years ago#9
Chaosmaster00 posted...
Sash'n'Smash Cloyster?

Only if your opponent has no priority on their team whatsoever. A one for one is not worth relying on.
STAB Quick Attack. Staraptor.
Also Pinsir now I guess. It's not gen V anymore.

User Info: Shadow_Navi_EX

3 years ago#10

252 SpA Accelgor Bug Buzz vs. 4 HP / 0 SpD Greninja: 324-384 (113.2 - 134.2%) -- guaranteed OHKO
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