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Today on Passerbys....

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User Info: DeathParade87

3 years ago#1
Playing bike simulator. Trying to breed 5ivs. Passerby challenges me. I figure ill take a break from the bike and battle. Preview comes up.

My team:
Charizard Y

His team:

Me: -_-

Turn 1: Ferrothorn vs Aero.

Aero goes Mega. Uses bite. Barely damages. Iron barbs and rocky helment damage aero more then he deals. Guy keeps spamming bite while I thunderwave and leech seed Aero. Aero takes himselfout and Ferro is pretty much full HP thanks to leech seed. Kid sends out Charizard. I swap for Dragonite and get two Dragon Dances while he flame throwers. Dragon Claw OHKO zard. Excadrill comes in. Ohko fire punch. Dragon claw ohko the rest of his team, save for Zygard who for fun i switched tp Aegi and sacred sword ko. Battle ends 6-0. OK cool. Ten seconds later...rechallenge. Ugh fine. I am not kidding, battle two goes EXACTLY the same as battle one. He didnt try anything new. I never even went mega. 6-0 again. Kid starts spamming me with Nice amd calling me a cheater on shout out. :-\ .

Anyway no point to this just felt like sharing
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