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How I would remake the Unova Starts

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User Info: Mrprowley

3 years ago#1
Hello guys Mr. Prowley here posting how I would redo the Unova starts. Now this my personal opinion but the Unova starters lack luster compared to previous ones and compared to Kalos so this is how I think they could be changed to give them an edge

Serperior- Problems I have with this line is that it seems like a Sceptile clone with slightly better defenses so I purpose this we make Serperior Grass/Dragon increase its stats a bit specially in defense and give a better movepool including Glare since I feel every snake based pokemon should have glare! Sure Dragon type was OP in Unova but mixed with grass which has alot weaknesses I think it balances out.

Samuwott- Okay Gamefreak this a great chance to give us another a water/fighting starter and you failed!!! I mean c'mon its a freaking samurai otter it goes into battle wielding seacimitars! So yes change Samuwott typing to Water/Fighting give it some strong fighting attacks like cross chop.

Emboar- The worse offender....I am not going to like when I saw Pignite go fire/fighting my heart sank. Blaziken and Infernape were OK because they pulled it off but this thing no sir. So how to improve this boar is simple drop the fighting and add Ground. Fire/Ground is not a bad typing and it kinda fits a fire pig pokemon. We have a water/ground and grass/ground, so why not a fire/ground to complete the rotation? Also lets change up its stats keeping the high HP but adding more to its defenses turning it into a tanky fire type with good attack to stomp out his foes.

So what do you guys think? Please no bashing post just putting my thoughts out there. Gen 5 was fun game just the starters could be better.
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User Info: mrballerswaggin

3 years ago#2
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User Info: fawful_X

3 years ago#3
Serperior can learn glare... either as an egg move or a tutor move.

Still think Emboar should have been Fire/Dark. It's the pokemon version of Ganon, for crying out loud!
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User Info: 80s_Memory

3 years ago#4
Those are some really good ideas, tc!
So, when do you think you can get this to happen?
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User Info: CakeOfLies

3 years ago#5
I would've just made them entirely different from what they are now.
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