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New Pokemon Ideas: Bam-Boo and Samurgeist, a family of Fighting/Ghost Pokemon.

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User Info: Duncanwii

3 years ago#1
Bam-Boo (first stage)
Ghost Fighter Pokemon
Abilities: Unburden and Guts, Hidden Ability: Scrappy
Fighting Type
Stats Hp-98 Attack-88 Defense-57 Sp. Attack-88 Sp. Defense-57 Speed-77
Looks like a small pale child with a training gi on. Holds a small bamboo sword and looks confident.

Evolves at level 25 and after fighting and losing against a Ghost type Pokemon.

Samurgeist (second stage)
Wandering Spirit Pokemon
Abilities: Unburden and Guts, Hidden Ability: Intangible-has a 30% chance of evading a contact move.
Fighting/Ghost Type
Stats Hp-118 Attack-108 Defense-77 Sp. Attack-108 Sp. Defense-77 Speed-97
Looks like a samurai outfit held together by a supernatural force. The only thing visible is it's face which is even paler then before. Its bamboo sword has become a large staff held in the middle.

Bam-Boo Pokedex 1-It trains night and day with its bamboo stick to defeat evil spirits. When it finds one, it goes on the offensive. Pokedex 2-Evil spirits are its moral enemy and it will never stop fighting them even if its body gives out. It is very persistent in its goal.
Samurgeist Pokedex 1-It fought so many spirits that its body became like one, it will drift from town to town looking for ghosts, not realizing its own fate. Pokedex 2-Its Bamboo stick has grown and has taken on supernatural abilities. Its strikes can leave phantom pain that can take months to go away.

(If on left Bam-Boo learns it, if on right Samurgeist does. If one has a N/A that one doesn't learn it. If there's a * it's new move)
Lv 1: Bulk Up-Bulk Up
Lv 1: Arm Thrust-Arm Thrust
Lv 1: Astonish-Astonish
Lv 5: Curse-Curse
Lv 10: Power Up Punch-Power Up Punch
Lv 15: Storm Throw-Storm Throw
Lv 20: Wake-Up Slap-Wake Up Slap
Lv 25: Whirling Attack*-Shadow Punch
Lv 27: N/A-Trip Up*
Lv 30: Aura Sphere-Will-O-Wisp
Lv 32: N/A-Swords Dance
Lv 37: N/A-Shadow Ball
Lv 40: Honor Guard*-N/A
Lv 42: N/A-Night Slash
Lv 45: N/A-Leaf Blade
Lv 47: N/A-Magic Coat
Lv 50: Close Combat-Close Combat
Lv 52: N/A-Phantom Force

New Move 1: Whirling Attack-Fighting, Physical, 40 power, 100 accuracy, lasts up to 5 turns, base power goes up by 20 every turn but base accuracy will go down by 10, if the user misses or all 5 turns are up inflicts confusion on the user.

New Move 2: Trip Up-Dark, Status, N/A power, N/A accuracy, has a priority of +1 and will cause the opponent to take recoil of 1/4 damage if the opponent is using an attacking move. May fail if used repeatedly.

New Move 3: Honor Guard-Fighting, Status, N/A power, N/A accuracy, has a priority of +3 and will protect the user from stat decreasing moves and reflect them back to the user.
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User Info: lolsophia7

3 years ago#2
Bam-Boo Sounds like PumpkaBOO and Samurgeist sounds like GoreGEIST
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User Info: WorldTrader

3 years ago#3
Those heart is stoping....
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User Info: kh_com1992

3 years ago#4
The requirements for evolving is kinda weird
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User Info: CptFluttershy

3 years ago#5
The losing to one gimmick sounds incredibly bad. Also:
lolsophia7 posted...
Bam-Boo Sounds like PumpkaBOO and Samurgeist sounds like GoreGEIST
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User Info: kadabrium

3 years ago#6
wats the difference between Honor guard and magic coat tho?

User Info: thetuckingfypo

3 years ago#7
I like whirling attack, sounds like a cool move
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User Info: Xerxes132

3 years ago#8
Samurgeists ability would be insta-banned by smogon. make it 5-10%
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User Info: Staticnova

3 years ago#9
I don't mind the evolution requirement - it's not like it would be difficult to do.

Also, I'd prefer Samurgeist to have 100+ Speed and less Sp.Attack as a trade-off. We need more fast, physical ghosts.
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User Info: tarzanmx

3 years ago#10
Would you prefer something like Samuraith or Samraith for the second evo? Just suggesting.
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