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Trickroom team Help!

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User Info: ieatfoodtoo

3 years ago#1
Trick room is so good this gen imo I mean my main team has trick room just so when things are tough i can pull it out and maybe turn around a battle comes in handy since my Manectric is modest instead of Timid, so anyways i wanna take advantage of it and make a trickroom team.
these are the pokemon i wanna use

Mega Mawile
Aromatisse TR setter
Carbink Skill Swaper to destroy mega Kangaskahn
Chandelure TR setter
Gourgeist TR setter

since a team can only have 6 pokemon who should i keep and who should i kick out?
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User Info: MysterPixel

3 years ago#2
Kick out Slurpuff if you have Aromatisse, they are quite similar and Aromatisse is more useful to a trick room team.

Kick out Carbink because it doesn't really benefit from trick room that much (it's slow, but it is a tank, not an attacker so speed doesn't matter to it). Also there are much better ways to deal with Kangaskhan - just burn it for example.

User Info: Lobster44

3 years ago#3
I have 2 ghost types in my TR team, and it really doesn't work. Kick out Gourgeist.
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