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Do you have a shiny?

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User Info: ZLn13

3 years ago#21
I just found a shiny duosion today and yester along with the rest of the others I have. Shiny honedge bred was my first shiny.

In order to get a shiny you MUST be dedicated, this means you spend most of your time just hunting and a good place to start is the friend safari's. The FS give you a chance to find a shiny within 1000 encounters or thats how it feels for me mostly. Just keep looking and you will find one, the hard thing is getting the right nature and iv's and thats where the somewhat long method of breeding comes in.

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User Info: tooweak

3 years ago#22
Gen 1-2 (I don't count, too easy to get)
Gyrados (instory)
Ditto (if wild ditto transforms in gen 1 it copies taregt's IVs. Since IVs determined if it was shiny in Gen 2 just have it copy your Red Gyrados)
A Few Eevee (use Ditto from Gyrados to get 1/32 to 1/128 shiny chance and speed up at Dodrio mode on Stadium 2)

Gen 3-None

Gen 4-2012 playthru of Pokemon Pearl (to get Mew from My Pokemon Ranch) and got a Shiny Zubat in a random fight.

Gen 5
Black2's egg Gible Egg (Garchomp now)
Lillipup, Purrloin, Druddigon and probably a few others I forgot while EV training. And still have to pick up the Gen4 shiny covers off Mystery Gift.

Gen 6-Vannilish and Gligar while horde training, crawdaunt off first time in one of my friend's safari, and finally got my first bred one. Espurr (wanted male with HA, but got female shiny (decent IVs) and also two nonshiny 6iv females).

I don't have 6IV dittos (and don't plan to unless I catch them myself). Which probably wont happen as I couldn't be bothered to repel farm a Ditto army last gen despite two of my Pokemon I used a lot being Ditto-only for eggs.
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