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Which Pokemon game did you hate the most?

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User Info: kingjam1

3 years ago#21
Can't think of anything

User Info: OfficialAce-Kun

3 years ago#22
DPPt. Only remake I'm skipping because that gen is beyond help
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User Info: metroxil

3 years ago#23
G/S/C R/B/Y and HG/SS equally dislike em
Odd since I started with gen 2 but couldn't get into it because it had Kanto
Hoenn - Unova - Kalos - Sinnoh - Kanto - Jotho
Jolteon - Ampharous - Gardevoir - Staraptor - Joltik - Goomy

User Info: Rizaadon007

3 years ago#24
Pokemon Dash, that thing was a piece of crap. only good thing you could do with it was use your GBA games to make tracks outta your own Pokemon, and even then, it was a crapshoot whether the course would be alright or not.
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