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After Mega Evolutions , we need fusion evolutions.....

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User Info: neo1mark

3 years ago#1
that would be so cool if you got two pokemon compatible with each other while one of them is holding a fusion stone they can fuse in battle then disband after ... hows that ? how will it affect metagame ??

some examples i think may be compatible ....

Flareon + Delphox = he will get flareon's attack and delphox's speed
Garchomp + sharpedo = Megalodon
latios + latias
hooh + moltres
Lucario + Scizor
Blaziken + infernape
Hitmonchan + Hitmonlee

or just imagine

The space virus + mutant Digimon
Deoxys + Mewtwo how awesome would that be !!!!!!!!!!

User Info: Dante2049

3 years ago#2
Omnimon + Imperialdramon FM
This amazing Kyogre's Cascade

User Info: Zargerth

3 years ago#3
Fusion as a idea was (referring to Kyurem) fun, a shame it didn't get developed any further.
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User Info: leonodo

3 years ago#4
I know you're not serious but please no
Sunshine is overrated...
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User Info: zane0144

3 years ago#5
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User Info: TheRedLuma

3 years ago#6
If that happened, I'd be wondering why Pokemon and Digimon haven't merged or something...
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User Info: Volcarona123

3 years ago#7
I like it to be kyurem exclusive only
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User Info: neo1mark

3 years ago#8
why not ?

we already got kyuryem ffusionns

User Info: The_Dragonw

3 years ago#9
Latios Blaziken.



Gets STAB Poison anyway
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User Info: PsychoWolfX

3 years ago#10
Bleh. No thanks. I've never been crazy about the whole "fusion" concept. It was pretty cool in DragonballZ, and least until the conclusion of Tamers at which point the series went straight to hell.
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