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In your entire pokemon career, which pokemon was the hardest to catch?

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User Info: Crimsin_Giblet

3 years ago#141
Chansey's in the Safari Zones, and I also had so much trouble catching Latios, and Latias.

User Info: EmiArts

3 years ago#142
Moltres in X Y. We had so many turns, Moltres ran outta moves and fainted itself with Struggle. I had to reset to get it.
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User Info: loftwingblue

3 years ago#143
Giratina in Pearl. I ran out of ultra balls twice.. And I came with 100.

User Info: BabyTiggglz

3 years ago#144
Anyone who has played Gold,Silver,Crystal and tried to catch the roamer legendarys knows how much of a pain in the a$$ that was but for some reason it took forever to catch Entei when I played them. Roamers in general were a b!#%& to catch but in X Y it was so annoying to find the LB 10 times b4 being able to catch it. Still not as bad as my Entei experience though.

User Info: BabyTiggglz

3 years ago#145
And the Mew glitch in Red,Blue was annoying to do but well worth it at that time.

User Info: hihisteve_o

3 years ago#146
I spent forever in the Safari Zone in RBY trying to catch Tauros. It was my 151st Pokemon to complete my Pokedex. It literally took me a week or two worth of recess to catch that thing.

I remember trying forever to catch Mewtwo. Eventually froze him using Arcticuno. I had him down to a sliver of health, but still no luck. Out of frustration I had Hitmonchan use strength. It must have done 1 or 2 HP of damage and I caught it within a couple more tries. All in all, I didn't spend that much time on him.

Moltres was the last non-safari zone catch for me, so I used my master ball on it.

My game battery died a few days later, so I only got to bask in the glory of catching them all for a few days.

User Info: Empryzz

3 years ago#147
I have to agree with the topic creator here--The Regis (particularly Regice) in R/S/E kicked my butt! I cannot count the number of times I threw my GBA down in disgust. To this day the Regis give me a bad taste in my mouth, lol.

User Info: TehTrumpCard

3 years ago#148
GatedSunOne posted...
The @#$%ing Lake Trio; especially that blasted Uxie.

I had to SR a ton of times on Uxie. It wasn't pleasant...

This without a doubt.
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User Info: MrPototo

3 years ago#149
Lugia in HeartGold gave me hell. I lost count of how many times I had to reset after it Struggled itself to death.
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User Info: Meganium7

3 years ago#150
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