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The Adventure of Miss Jocelyn, Ace Trainer Model Fashionista Extraordinaire

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User Info: MissJocelyn

3 years ago#1
Challenge Rules:
- Six Eggs Only - I have hatched six eggs to complete the game, and I can only use the contents of those six eggs (excepting Pokémon required for HM use).
- Permadeath - should any team member faint they are unable to be used for the rest of the playthrough. My team is also down a team member until I complete the game or I lose all team members, in which case I have failed.
- HM users must replace team members - I may substitute a team member that I hatched as an egg at the start of the game for a HM user. This Pokémon is unable to be used in battle. If I am down to one Pokémon, I may add in a second solely for HM use and it cannot be used in any battle, including double battles.
- No Exp Share - Exp Share is not to be used.
- No O-Powers except Prize Money Power - I can't use any O-Powers except Prize Money Power, because a girl needs to buy nice outfits.

User Info: MissJocelyn

3 years ago#2
My name is Jocelyn, and my mother has just made me move to a nowhere boring scrub town in the middle of nowhere. My mother is obsessed with her long-gone days of glory and celebrity from racing on Rhyhorn, but hasn't really come to terms with the fact that she's long lost both her looks and her ability to race Rhyhorn. However, my mother's many, many problems are not my concern any more, since I'm leaving home today to get my own Pokémon. My goal is to become the most beautiful and awesome and coolest Pokémon trainer ever. Also, not to have to return home to my mother. I'll be happy if I don't return home.

After I get dressed and make sure I look gorgeous in case I meet anyone important in my travels, I head downstairs to see my mother, who has just finished unpacking. She tells me that some of my neighbours are outside waiting for me.

I head outside, and meet a boy, Calem and a girl, Shauna. Calem's a rather ordinary-looking teenager with short black hair and a rather boring and drab outfit. He doesn't look cute or rich at all and I can quickly tell he's of no interest to me. Shauna's a short girl with huge twin pigtails tied into her hair in huge loops. Her elaborate hairstyle doesn't hide the fact that she's a rather plain girl, though. I decide that Shauna and I should be best friends because it's hard to appreciate beautiful people like myself in isolation. You need contrast, and Shauna can definitely help me with that.

Shauna and Calem both excitedly tell me that we're all receiving Pokémon the next town over. I hurry over to Aquacorde Town to see Shauna and Calem with two other people, and they all ask me to sit with them. The two other people are introduced to me and me to them - there's a fat one named Tierno, who wants to be a dancer, and a short red-headed guy named Trevor who wants to be a Pokémon researcher. The group then decides that I need a nickname.

Tierno decides I should be called Lady J. I like Tierno, since he can appreciate class and style when he sees it. I suppose he would, as an artist. Since I'm soon to be moving in higher circles and have a deep appreciation of Art, I can tell I'm going to get along quite well with Tierno.

Shauna decides to call me Li'l J. Nice try, Shauna, but we both know who's the ruling queen of our little group and it certainly isn't you. She's still my friend, though, at least until I find someone less disobedient or even plainer-looking than she is. I might be a while at that, though - you don't often find girls as plain as Shauna.

Trevor calls me J-kins. Honestly, Trevor. Screw you.

Instead of those names, however, I insist that everyone they should call me Miss Jocelyn. Recognizing my superior taste, everyone agrees and the new nickname sticks. Call me Miss Jocelyn, everyone.

Tierno and Trevor present a briefcase. Inside it are three starter Pokémon and a bunch of eggs. To be honest, the starters are way too cute for me to take, so I take six eggs for myself. I don't want anyone to think I'm superficial or anything because I have cute Pokémon in my party because it's totally not true. Shauna takes herself a Froakie, Calem takes a Fennekin. After we've got our Pokémon, Trevor gives us each a Pokedex to help us study Pokémon or something, but who really cares about that? I mean, is studying Pokémon going to help me marry a rich, cute guy? I think not. I am then given a letter to give to my mother to explain that I'm leaving. Awesome.

User Info: hodelino

3 years ago#3
Yeah I love this series xD
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User Info: gsadr123

3 years ago#4
MIMFP :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

User Info: MissJocelyn

3 years ago#5
I head home to Scrubville, Nowhere, to tell my mother that I can finally leave. Upon entering my mother's house, my mother spots that I have Pokémon. I hand her my going-away letter.

Initially, my mother thinks she's received a love letter, but I don't see how she could think that because no-one ever sends old hags love letters. My mother comes to her senses and realises that the letter is about me leaving. She quickly packs my gear and hands it to me. You can tell she's had this planned for a long time. She then comes out with some sort of analogy which, coincidentally, relates to the fact that she used to be a famous Rhyhorn racer. Yes, I get it - you used to be famous before you got old and ugly.

I then leave the house.

Once I'm outside, Rhyhorn spots me and lets out a bellow. My mother exits the house. Since my mother loves her Rhyhorn more than me, this of course has to be about how Rhyhorn feels, rather than me leaving home. No, I'm not going to miss you, Rhyhorn.

Later, everyone. I'm off to hatch my new Pokémon eggs.

User Info: MissJocelyn

3 years ago#6
hodelino posted...
Yeah I love this series xD

One day I'll actually complete this damn challenge.

User Info: Hydregionzek

3 years ago#7
This is back!
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User Info: MissJocelyn

3 years ago#8
So I've just hatched my eggs, and this is what I've got.

Male, Adaptability, Modest, Hidden Power Ground
Tail Whip, Covet, Take Down, Charm
(Future Glaceon)

Male, Anticipation, Modest, Hidden Power Ground (Wish)
Baton Pass, Charm, Wish, Covet
(Future Sylveon)
Named: It'sATrap

Male, Anticipation, Adamant.
Double Edge, Baton Pass, Covet, Charm
(Future Flareon)

Male, Anticipation, Jolly
Double Edge, Baton Pass, Covet, Wish
(Future Leafeon)
Named "Plant Beast"

Male, Run Away, Modest, Hidden Power Ice
Tackle, Tail Whip, Baton Pass, Wish
(Future Jolteon)

Female, Adaptability, Modest, Hidden Power Grass (Wish)
Tail Whip, Baton Pass, Charm, Wish
(Future Vaporeon)
Named "Sailor Bait"

This is terrible. I don't have just one cute pokemon, I have six cute pokemon. This is, like, super, super awful.

If there is a bright side to this, and it is some small consolation, it's the fact that none of them look remotely like a Rhyhorn.

User Info: MissJocelyn

3 years ago#9
First battle is against a Level 2 Bunnelby. I lead with "It's a Trap", and use Charm twice to lower its attack. It does little damage to me with its Tackle. I switch out for my Adamant Eevee, and continue with the Charm offensive (which is exactly like what I do, actually). I then switch to "Plant Beast" who uses Covet to faint Bunnelby. Experience get, Level Up get.

And "It'sATrap" evolves into a Sylveon, and it looks at me with a huge "I'm so cute, what do you think of that?" Fiendish beast.

User Info: MissJocelyn

3 years ago#10
Eevee does a pretty fierce tail whip. I mean, look at those eyes when it does it!
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