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Create a Pokemon's stats, typing, moveset, etc. using the above poster's Pokemon

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User Info: Muffinz0rz

3 years ago#1

Elaboration, the above poster will create a name that sounds like it could be a Pokémon.

The next poster will create stats, abilities, potential evolution lines, sample moves (and/or created moves), typing, etc. for said Pokémon.

ex. I say Albatrock. Modeled after an albatross (large sea-bird) morphed (somehow) with a rock. Here's a picture if you care:

The below poster says:

Albatrock (Rock/Flying)
HP: 100
ATT: 55
DEF: 120
SpATT: 55
SpDEF: 120
Total: 510

Abilities: Rock head, Solid rock

Meant to be a slow, fairly tanky bird, despite its not so great typing. A good ability might be Solid Rock to reduce the damage from all those super-effective hits. Learnset might include

Power Gem
Rock Slide
Ancient Power
Rock Polish
Brave Bird
New Move:
Rock Armor (Raises DEF and SpDEF by 2 stages, but the user can no longer remain airborne due to the added weight of armor (this move can only be used once until switching out and back in))

The poster then creates his/her own made-up Pokémon name for the next poster.

So, yeah, that's more or less how it'd work. Anyways, here's my fake Pokémon name:

Pantherus (Maybe some sort of panther fossil Pokémon?)

Have at it!
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User Info: lawlnope

3 years ago#2

Dark/Rock type

Base stats

HP: 60
ATK: 140
DEF: 65
SATK: 115
SDEF: 30
SPD: 137

Ability 1: intimidate

Ability 2: Swiftness: Priority attacks fail.

Notable Moves:

Stone Edge
Ancient Power
Work Up
Dark Pulse
Sludge Wave
Stone Claws

New move: Stone Claws: BP: 75
ACC: 100
The user attacks with claws made of stone.
Increased critical hit ratio

Next Pokemon: Ghastomb.
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User Info: hodelino

3 years ago#3
Ghastomb Ghost/Normal (Zombie Pokemon)

Ability: Regenerator

Base Stats

HP: 70
Attack: 130
Def: 100
S.Attack: 90
Sp.Defense: 100
Speed: 50

Notable Moves:

Shadow Sneak
Knock Off
Shadow Ball
Body Slam
Shadow Claw
Thunder Wave
Bulk Up
Pain Split

Next: Hodelino
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User Info: VaironGod

3 years ago#4
Hodelino: Normal/Ground (A very tall sluggish orc-like pokemon holding a club)

Ability: Mold Breaker


HP: 135
Defense: 120
S.Att: 10
S.Def: 30
Spe: 50

Notable Moves:

Double Edge
Stone Edge
Close Combat
Heavy Slam
Fire Punch
Ice Punch
Bulk Up
Bullet Punch

New Move: Exhausting Charge
5 PP
+1 Priority
User takes 1/3 recoil. Hodelino's ability becomes traunt. (Note that like other ability changing moves it resets back to normal upon switching out)

Next: Reeveer (A plant with a leaf shaped like a scythe)
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User Info: The_RNG

3 years ago#5
Reever : Plant/Dark

Ability : Sharpness (Moves involving claws or blades have 1.3 of their power. Basically Tough Claws for claws/blades)

HP : 80
Attack : 125
Defense : 60
Special Attack : 50
Special Defense : 75
Speed : 99

Notable moves :
-Leaf Blade
-Night Slash
-Shadow Claw
-Aerial Ace
-False Swipe
-Sword Dance

Next : Randomina (A somewhat feminine Pokémon, like Gardevoir/Lopunny with a dice theme)
RNG stands for "Random Number Goddess".
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User Info: VaironGod

3 years ago#6

Dark (mostly because of Grimsley)

Ability: Re-roll

The following moves become two-strike moves: (If one of the following moves is chosen by Metronome, Assist, or Sleep Talk it will not strike twice)

-Sleep Talk
-Self Serving Gift
-Dice Smack


HP: 80
Atk: 80
S.Atk: 80
S.Def 80
Spe: 116

Notable Moves:

Dark Pulse
Sleep Talk
Parting Shot

New Move 1: Self Serving Gift, Normal, 15 PP- 40% chance to heal 25 percent of HP. 30% chance to heal 50 percent of HP. 10% chance to heal 75 percent of HP. 20% chance to deal 80 damage to user.

New Move 2: Dice Smack, Dark, 10 PP- 1/6 chance to deal 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, or 120 damage.

Anenome (a sea anemone with a scowling face, similar to Scary Face)
IGN: Flavio FC: 2552-0423-5883
Friend Safari: Ice with Spheal, Bergmite, and Cloyster

User Info: Pikachu3634

3 years ago#7

Ability: Roots

Keeps ingrain effect at all times, except it can switch out.

HP: 110
Atk: 90
Def: 60
S. Atk: 90
S. Def: 60
Spe: 20
BST: 430

New moves:

Root smack, Grass, 20 PP, Base power: 120 70% chance hit

Massive growth: Type: Grass Defense and Special Defense increase by 2

Solar Shot: PP: 40 type: Grass power: 50 (or 75 in sunny day)

Venferno: An angry pokemon that throws bottles of burning poison.
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User Info: Shalweens

3 years ago#8


Ability: Fiery venom

Physical contact moves have a 5% chance of poisoning the target and a 5% chance of burning the target.

HP: 90
Att: 127
Def: 65
S.Atk: 110
S.Def: 80
Spe: 78
BST: 460

Notable moves:

Sludge Wave
Sludge Bomb
Flare Blitz
Fire Punch
Flame Charge
Psycho Cut

New Move: Poison Potion, Poison, 10 PP - User crafts a potion on the first turn, lowering Defence by one stage, then on the second turn the user heals a third of its HP and soaks the target with a special poison. The target is unable to use Grass and Fairy type moves, and is 2x weak to Psychic and Ground type moves, until switched out.

Viridock: A majestic grass peacock Pokemon that can spread its feathers to deter predators and scatter dust/seeds/pollen.
3DS FC: 3797-6729-7601 FS: Ghost-type (Lampent, Shuppet)

User Info: sammyboy9378

3 years ago#9


Ability 1: Effect Spore
Ability 2: Overcoat
Hidden Ability: Multiscale

HP: 105
ATK: 50
DEF: 95
S.ATK: 80
S.DEF: 95
SPE: 65
BST: 490

Notable moves:

Leech Seed
Sleep Powder
Stun Spore
Poison Powder
Air Slash
Sweet Scent

New Move: Swan Song, Flying, 5 PP - The user sings a beautiful melodious song that restores all status ailments of party pokemon and also knocks the foe out should the foe use an attack that knocks the user out.(This effect lasts 1 turn like destiny bond)

Drasgarax: A savage and ferocious dragon Pokemon that will fearlessly attack foes much larger than itself. Possesses strong, sharp claws for tearing at prey and is fast and agile.
3DS FC: 1864-9703-4001
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User Info: Pikachu981

3 years ago#10


Ability 1: Goliath - 0.75x damage against smaller pokemon, 1.25x against bigger
Ability 2: Tough Claws

HP: 100
ATK: 120
DEF: 110
SP.ATK: 80
SP.DEF: 90
SPE: 100
BST: 600

Notable Moves:

Dragon Rush
Dual Chop
Brick Break
Close Combat
Sucker Punch
Grass Knot
Extreme Speed
Swords Dance

New Move: Dragon Punch, Dragon, 10PP - The user hits the foe with the power of a dragon. Dual Dragon/fighting, but only STAB for Dragon

Mega Evolution: Drasgarite

HP: 100
ATK: 150
DEF: 130
SP.ATK: 90
SP.DEF: 100
SPE: 130
BST: 700

Lunacorn: A fairy that attacks the opponent with swift movements without touching them
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