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If Game of Thrones Characters Had Pokemon...

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User Info: LightningAce11

3 years ago#11
Oberyn has stunfisk because of how flat it is.
"Great. I think I got it, but just in case, tell me the whole thing again. I wasn't listening." - Emmet
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User Info: AaronHutch

3 years ago#12
Theon gets all genderless pokemon

get it? get it!?
"Men hate marriage because they grow tired of being told there's something fundamentally wrong with them."

User Info: guvnordisney

3 years ago#13
Hodor gets Snorlax.
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User Info: lloyd0117

3 years ago#14
variss gets ariados, gengar,

if anyone gets an aegislash it would be bariston selmy

imo greagor should have a tyranitar....or ursaring... or regirock

jaquan haegar gets zoark.

the hound can have mightyena...or scizor... scizor would fit his personality better

jon snow? murkrow... cuz he's a crow... and maby absol?

that one wildling with the scars all over his head... mewtwo...intimidation factor
"when I'm in the process of doing something, I do it not because I think it's worth doing, but because I'm trying to MAKE it worth doing."
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