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Lets come up with some new moves?

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User Info: savagemoonlight

3 years ago#1
1. Stone Breath
Type: Rock
Category: Special
Power: 90
Acc: 100%
Effect: 10% chance of freezing

An obvious rip-off of petrification breath from many common RPGs. Serves to fill the gap as a competitively viable special Rock-type move as opposed to weakass Ancient Power and the sparsely distributed Power Gem. Since there is no petrification status in Pokemon, the closest we can get would be Freezing? Distributed mainly to Rock-types and some chicken and frog looking pokemons for the lulz.

2. Oil Spill
Type: Poison
Category: Status
Power: -
Acc: -
Effect: Entry hazard, -1 speed upon entry.

Poison equivalent of Sticky Web. Main users would be gooey pokemons like Muk, Goodra, Gastradon, Garbodor and Swalot. Could also be distributed to pokemons who are capable of spewing sludge, like Dragalge? Would definitely provide more pokemon choices if Galvantula does not fit well into your team.

User Info: CptFluttershy

3 years ago#2
If anything oil pill shoul increase fire type damage or make fire type moves hit all targets in doubles and Triples
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User Info: shinyspheal

3 years ago#3
and damage water types, and even trap them.
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User Info: savagemoonlight

3 years ago#4
CptFluttershy posted...
If anything oil pill shoul increase fire type damage or make fire type moves hit all targets in doubles and Triples

That would actually have great synergy. GG to dry skin Paras switching in, not that anyone uses him anyway.

User Info: DrDon_Chi

3 years ago#5
Power 110
Acc 80
Effect attack for 2-3 turns and goes to sleep after fatigue sets in
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User Info: toad878

3 years ago#6
Name: Force Wave
Type: Psychic
BP: 70
PP: 20
Acc: --
Effect: Halves any damage done to the user on the turn Force Wave is used. Can't miss.

Pokémon That Can Learn It: Abra line (Except for Abra), Ralts line, Elgyem line, Inkay line, Meditite line, Exeggcute line, Delphox, Jynx, Woobat line, and probably more.
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User Info: Catluver17

3 years ago#7
Two new moves just for everybodys favourite Pokemon. Feel the love

Braver Bird
Type: Flying
Category: Physical
Power: 160
Accuracy: 90

Powered up version of Brave Bird. Does recoil like normal when it hits. If a miss, user loses half of their maximum HP similar to HJK.

Learned by: Staraptor *to be nice*, Talonflame

Bravest Bird
Type: Flying
Category: Physical
Power: 200
Accuracy: 85

User charges straight at the opponent at mach speed with no concern for its safety. Does Head Smash-level recoil upon hitting. If a miss, the user continues going too fast to stop it splats into a nearby window and dies.

Learned by: Talonflame.
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User Info: KReborn

3 years ago#8
Type: Dark
Accuracy: 100

The user grabs the opposing pokemon and runs off. Both pokemon are removed from the battle for 3 turns.

Learned by: Gengar, Bisharp, Mandibuzz many other ghost and dark types.
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User Info: CeruleanGamer

3 years ago#9
A move like Follow Me, but instead of the user, targets another ally pokemon instead.

Don't Hurt Me
Type: Normal
Accuracy: N/A
Priority: +2

Makes the other pokemon the center of attention, forcing opposing pokemon to use its move on the other pokemon other than the user.
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User Info: aliashubbatch

3 years ago#10
Hidden Strength - Think Hidden Power, but physical like how Giga Impact is the physical Hyper Beam.
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