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That awkward feeling when you run a stall team against a real life friend...

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User Info: Alpha218

3 years ago#21
CrackersTheCat posted...
1HPclutch posted...
Friends in real life are overrated

This. I don't like venturing into the outernet.

the outernet
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User Info: Luigi4President

3 years ago#22
Emeraldrox posted...
Your friends are into competitive pokemon? I can barely find any that play something that's not a shooter or Skyrim. I think I've found two kids that even play Pokemon at the high school I went to, and neither played competitively. One didn't even evolve some of her pokemon. The other wasn't competitive at all and I pretty much solo'd his entire team using my first EV trained gengar.

There's a ton of people at my school who play Pokémon. I didn't even play it before I came there, then they persuaded me.

I also run a stall team, and it's fun to watch them get upset. Especially when I use a Furfrou or Lickitung.
Every time I find the key to success, somebody changes the locks.

User Info: supremeblaster

3 years ago#23
I run a Quick Pass team and 6-0 them.

They're generally pretty happy about it.

User Info: Lady-Lucy

3 years ago#24
I once did a 100+ turn stall with Slaking against am irl friend of mine.

All the while, he would look at me, and I would just laugh because he somehow he could win when all odds were stacked against him.

The battle took like a whole hour, and after we where done, I asked him,
"Why didn't you just forfeit?"

And he just said,
"I just didn't feel like it..."

But hey, If I had to do it again, I wouldn't hesitate.

Who cares if other people are impatient?

I'm the most patient person around, and I think that people just need to learn some more patience...
Pardon me if my posts look weird/awkward, I'm not a native English speaker
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User Info: lolsophia7

3 years ago#25
L-Elf posted...
Hi Sophia.

That's is not Sophia, it's a hoax.
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User Info: Hydrelgonzek

3 years ago#26
lolsophia7 posted...
L-Elf posted...
Hi Sophia.

That's is not Sophia, it's a trolololololol.

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User Info: fuzi11

3 years ago#27
Attract is such a lovely move, no one knows how to react to it XD

User Info: snuffles504

3 years ago#28
Psh. My friend and I openly express out hatred for each other during Pokemon matches. I think it just transferred over from our hours spent playing Smash Bros together. There's no way you can play that game with other people and not get angry at them, especially when everyone is trolling.
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User Info: MadameLuigi64

3 years ago#29
SophieLuvsTofu posted...
They want to tell you they hate you so much, but they don't to not hurt your feelings <_<

I built a tanky female shuckle with attract, toxic, substitute, protect

I don't think he wants to be friends with me anymore.

>Sableye used Taunt!
Oh, really? You were joking? Well, where I come from, jokes are funny!
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