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I predicted Mega Evolutions

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User Info: ss4parrothair

3 years ago#11
JohnRust7 posted...
I smell bad
ss4parrothair posted...
zurcn posted...
sorry... where in that topic do you predict mega evolutions? all I see is "He is fine as is"

I made a joke about him evolving. So in a way I guessed.
Now not gonna change this till my favorite FPS is guessed

User Info: zurcn

3 years ago#12
let me see if I'm getting this straight.

(at the time) there were no posts about blastoise evolving (which goes against the TC but is supported by post number 2)

you created a topic saying blastoise doesn't need a (normal) evolution

this somehow constitutes a prediction of "mega" evolution


let me try:

"Luxray is perfect as he is"

now if he ever get a new move/evolution/ability/ bp change to a move shared by other mons/..

I'll have predicted it.. ?!?
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