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2 Types in one team?

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User Info: DominoNite

3 years ago#1
Im trying to build a competitive team. I currently have mawile (mega), conkeldurr, sableye, garchomp, and talonflane. I need one more. So i was thinking azumarill, biecause idk what else i would do... But my mawile is part fairy and so is azumarill, would this be a bad thing?
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User Info: discodancer77

3 years ago#2
No overlapping types is fine. Especially since (I think) they don't get the same weaknesses from them, thanks to their other water and steel typings
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User Info: DeadGhostFire

3 years ago#3
No... I have three Water Typez. I win 7/10 battles.
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