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Top 10 Favorite Pokemon

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User Info: DarkDragon386

3 years ago#11
Adam_Ace posted...
DarkDragon386 posted...
10. Giratina
9. Kyogre
8. Dragalge
7. Scizor
6. Swampert
5. Hydreigon
4. Starmie
3. Haxorus
2. Tyrantrum
1. Gyarados

Ha! Trying to be a badass I see. :P

Not really trying to be anything, but most of my favorites just happen to be badasses.
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User Info: Worm199

3 years ago#12
1. Bouffalant - I already made a topic about it, but I just think the buffalo looks so awesome that I cannot even describe it. It also works in competitive play and is extremely underrated and I might as well admit that I love to play underrated Pokemon.

2. Typhlosion - ''IT LOOKS SO COOL!'' I said when I was 8 years old and saw Typhlosion. Ever since then I always pick It on my Gold/Silver playthroughs, even if I also like Feraligatr. Sorry crocodile, but you cannot compete with the Volcano Pokemon, I mean how cool of a nickname is that? Typhlosion is my favorite starter of all time, even if he is my second starter and it's very close between it and Bouffalant when talking about my favorite Pokemon.

3. Walrein - A Pokemon I never really had on my team but always liked from the looks. Then I learned what a beast of a tank it is and I put it on my hail team. Walrein has been my MVP in countless of matches, due to its impressive bulk and recovery and even good special attack. And it looks like one of the most dangerous Pokemon in the world, you don't want to mess with such a Walrus.

4. Alakazam - I have always liked Psychic and Alakazam is, imo, the ultimate example of a Psychic type. It is also the ultimate example of a glass canon Pokemon, it can easily demolish most Pokemon it outspeeds, and it can get KO'ed as easily. It is my ''high risk, high reward'' Pokemon.

5. Weezing - Funnily enough I have always had a soft spot for poison types and while Weezing looks terrifying and ugly, that is also what makes it special. It also helps that I watched a lot of Pokemon while growing up, and I really liked James' Weezing.

6. Miltank - Funniest Pokemon in the game. Looking at Miltank and hearing it's cry always makes me smile. It's also a really good supportive tank and it can even fight well when no other Pokemon is left on your team.

7. Conkeldurr - Probably my favorite in terms of competitive usage. Even though I have played since Pokemon started, I first really got into competitive battling in Gen 5. Since I have started competitive battling, Conkeldurr has been one my most important Pokemon when it comes to winning battles. Conkeldurr just works for so many reasons. It's attack stat is usage, while also having a great defensive bulk. Mach Punch seals the deal, making a very slow Pokemon suddenly extremely frightening to face. Add Drain Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch and Payback to that and you have what is arguably the best Fighting Type in the game. Assault Vest only made him more powerful.

8. Slaking - I love Slaking for it's uniqueness. It may have one of the worst abilites in the game, but that is also what makes it fun to use. It's extremely strong statwise and finding a way to remove its ability and then sweep everyone is one of the most satisfying moments you can have in Pokemon.

9. Camerupt - Cool factor, it's as simple as that. Few things can be cooler than an erupting camel. I beg for a Mega Evolution to make this awesome looking camel better competitively.

10. Charizard - Yes, it's the most common favorite, but Charizard really is that awesome. Blastoise comes close but I find Charizard all-around more fun to use.

Honorable mentions: Scrafty, Kingler, Krookodile, Slowbro and Slowking, Golem, Gengar, Aggron, Golurk and Ursaring.
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User Info: CyndaquilForeva

3 years ago#13
10 - Avalugg

Under appreciated poor ice turtle thing.......

9 - Sceptile

It's just cool. That royal-like look, how could you not choose it?

8 - Torterra

Of course, there is a more awesome Grass Starter.

7 - Durant

I use him in my Gravity team, and he is probably the best sweeper I have, with all attacks being 100 percent accurate, even with Hustle.

6 - Starmie

She is also another valuable sweeper, the reason Starmie is one spot above Durant is because of nostalgia in my Heartgold.

5 - Aggron

My personal favourite when playing Black 2. He is a total beast! Although his Mega Form is not too attractive.

4 - Armaldo

Many Ruby days were spent with my Armaldo. He was great, and the Fossil Pokemon are always some of my favourites.

3 - Samurott

This is probably the second coolest starter eva, in my opinion. But the coolest has yet to come.

2 - Tympole

I'm using him in my Wonderlocke, and he rocks. Plus he is cute. I might not evolve him though, Seismotoad looks demented.

1 - Cyndaquil

You knew this was coming. CYNDAQUIL FOREVAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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User Info: MegaRyan

3 years ago#14
1. Blastoise
The rest changes too much
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User Info: zelionx

3 years ago#15
1. Kyogre
3. Scrafty
4. Tyranitar
5. Aegislash
6. Typhlosion
7. Honchkrow
8. Victini
9. Zekrom
10. Latios
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User Info: R-A-V

3 years ago#16
10. Ampharos
9. Empoleon
8. Gallade
7. Gengar
6. Umbreon
5. Chandelure
4. Scizor
3. Braviary
2. Greninja
1. Rampardos - nothing will ever top it the "original t rex" pokemon

User Info: DominantGerm

3 years ago#17

eh I give up, love all these though ��

User Info: 1998_z

3 years ago#18

Not in particular order, but I know for sure Swampert is 1st and Froslass is 2nd.
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User Info: theSFfan_1

3 years ago#19
10. Flygon
9. Galvantula
8. Togekiss
7. Blaziken
6. Lilligant
5. Absol
4. Milotic
3. Mismagius
2. Gardevoir
1. Articuno

I just really love elegant pokes
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User Info: Dathedr-vodhr

3 years ago#20
1. Gardevoir
2. Swampert
3. Salamence
4. Gallade
5. Charizard
6. lucario
7. Kyurem black
8. Rayquaza
9. Blaziken
10. Latios
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