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Top 10 Favorite Pokemon

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User Info: GatedSunOne

3 years ago#31
Gardevoir (No. one favorite)
Shaymin (Both Forms)
Diancie (By design, anyway. Both Forms)

Honorary mentions to Volcanion. If he gets a Mega, it may start panic in the Pokeverse for being a weapon of mass destruction (Oh wait, Yveltal is that).
FC: 2964-8693-8509 IGN: Verylin TSV: 1874
Official Dream Eater of Serebii.Net. Current Dream Log for 2014: 20/365; Nightmares: 4

User Info: AuraWielder

3 years ago#32
10. Alakazam
A kick-ass Psychic type, and still one of the best Psychic-types around in my book.

9. Raikou
I've always had a big soft spot for this cute little sabertooth kitty cat.

8. Lugia
Best wall ever, and outstanding Legendary.
Even though I didn't like his movie. *gets burnt at the state*

7. Hydreigon
One of my favorite Pokemon EVER, being a brutal, badass Dark/Dragon type that I'd take over Charizard any day of the week.

6. Zekrom
A Dragon-type Legendary mascot for the Pokemon White Version, and just an awesome Pokemon in general.

5. Blaziken
One of my favorite starters and the original Fire/Fighting type, above Infernape and FAR above Emboar. Also, Infernape and Emboar weep at Mega Blaziken's feet.

4. Darkrai
The first before Yveltal hit the scene, and is a credible and badass threat with his terrifying speed and Special Attack.

3. Mewtwo
The original Uber Legendary, and still one of the best today. Absolutely killer attack power and speed, which goes insanely through the roof with his Megas.

2. Greninja
Official my favorite starter ever, dethroning Blaziken after a LONG time. His design, his motif, his stats, his typing, and his crazy awesome ability make me just fall in love with him.

1. Lucario
The very Pokemon that first got me into the franchise.

Honorable Mention:
Official Greninja of the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire boards.
Shulk, Ridley, Mewtwo, and Ghirahim supporter for SSB4. Jigglypuff and Lucas defender for SSB4.
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