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Should I bother with any other pokemon game?

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User Info: toadieman

3 years ago#11
In truth, I have played a bit of white 2 and Y. I like the sprites look of white 2 more than the way Y is with the 3d. You just can't go online with white 2 anymore. I like the concept of the pokemon games too. I tried a nuzlocke run with Y even to kind of make the game harder. I'm just so conflicted with the games and I really don't know what I'm asking with this topic. Maybe a reason to try it again.
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User Info: Offworlder1

3 years ago#12
Transferring pokemon was something that started in gen 4 because of the huge fan backlash of gen 3 from gen 1 and 2 fans, back in those days gen 3 tried to reboot the series and you could not get the gen 1 and 2 pokemon. Gen 1 and 2 could transfer but gen 3 tried to throw that out until the older fans said "**** you" to gamefreak and left, it was the gen 1 remakes "Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen" that brought people back.

I remember how pissed people were about the lack of connection, the fans tearing gamefreak a new one with letters, boycotts, and a refusal to support "pokemon" until they wised up and did the right thing. Gen 4 they came out with the migration thing and the ability to transfer pokemon from gen 3 into gen 4, and they have continued to support this system as they know from the past how angry they made people when they tried that reboot garbage with Hoenn.
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