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Rate these new Fairy-type Pokemon

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User Info: GangstaLizard95

3 years ago#1
People are dismayed that most of the Fairy-type Pokémon are too cutesy. So I decided to create some to your liking.

Type: Poison/Fairy
Ability: Swift Swim
Hidden Ability: Poison Touch
Based on: Nuckelavee

Farieth -> Cepharmor
Type: Fairy/Ghost -> Fairy/Steel
Ability: Prankster -> Filter
Hidden Ability: Cursed Body
Based on: Fae/Soul -> Dullahan

Gobular -> Hobbaleer
Type: Dark/Fairy
Ability: Pickup/Pickpocket -> Keen Eye
Hidden Ability: Unaware
Based on: Goblin -> Hobgoblin

User Info: toad878

3 years ago#2
4/10 they're not bad, but I like stats.
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