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Pokemon that NEED a Mega Evolution!

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User Info: Sabeeeeh

3 years ago#1
Type - Bug/Flying
Ability - Swarm/Early Bird/ Iron Fist
Stats -
HP - 55
ATT - 35
DEF - 50
SPA - 55
SPD - 110
SPE - 85

Type - Bug/Flying
Ability - Pure Power
Stats -
HP - 55
ATT - 85
DEF - 110
SPA - 15
SPD - 110
SPE - 115

User Info: Moe_Lester_13

3 years ago#2
Thank Christ you didn't try to increase the base HP. Cookie for you
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User Info: TheFightingPoly

3 years ago#4
PM me for the Gen 6 Pokegen program!

User Info: 1HPclutch

3 years ago#5
Ability:Huge Power

3DS FC:3024-5211-9694
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User Info: Virtua1ity

3 years ago#6
Flygon.Also,it doesn't exactly count,but Primal Rayquaza.
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User Info: GatedSunOne

3 years ago#7
^^^ I'll be surprised if we don't get Primal Rayquaza. I just want to see how they will improve on its design.

Well, I WOULD say Metagross...but that went well. So I'll go all out: Give us Mega Jirachi.
FC: 2964-8693-8509 IGN: Verylin TSV: 1874
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User Info: Damanax

3 years ago#8
Zangoose and Seviper better get mega evos.
FC: 1762-2695-5319 - IGN: Connor - FS Sandile, Nuzleaf, Sableye

User Info: Hydregionzek

3 years ago#9
IGN Captain/Caesar Fc:3024-5514-8113. TSV: IDK yet. Part of 3G3, +/- - My Egglocke; read please
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