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Mega Evolution Idea #4: Mega Arcanine

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User Info: TheHolyBidoof

3 years ago#1
Welcome back to another Mega Evolution Idea! This one is number four: Arcanine

MEI#1: Luxray - Too OP
MEI#2: Hippowdon - Too OP
MEI#3: Victreebel - Not good enough

Arcanine needs a Mega Evolution. Badly. It is the Legendary Pokemon. Literally. Look at its Pokedex entry. It is described in Chinese legends, but it is too weak. Its BST is 555, but thats not enough for what this Pokemon is supposed to be. Maybe it will go through Primal Reversion.
Anyway, in my world, once you get the Arcanite you could get this:

Design: Arcanine will be bigger with a real fire mane and sharp claws, plus jagged stripes and a purple or black body color(thats right, Jynx, you're being replaced).

Type: Fire (I was going to add dark or dragon, but no)

Ability: Fiery Claws*

*Boosts the power of physical Fire-type moves by 50%

If you don't like this ability, it can be Flame Body or Speed Boost. Let me know which one you like better.


Arcanine: 90/110/80/100/80/95
M Arcanine: 90/135/95/125/95/115

These are okay stats, IMO. The Attack combined with the ability is going to make Flare Blitz go through the roof!

Anyway, let me know what you think
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User Info: mewman0007

3 years ago#2
too similar to mega lucario but speed boost would solve that problem :P
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User Info: Steel_Shadows

3 years ago#3
Mega Arcanine needs to happen. Its fantastic BST was basically wasted by a few points as-is by balance, giving it a disappointing 95 base speed, and a mega is probably just the bump it would need to make a good push into/toward OU.
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User Info: fawful_X

3 years ago#4
You want to make Tankanine's Flare Blitzes, which will usually only one-shot x4 weak pokemon (Tankanine usually doesn't run much, if any, attack EVs), have the potential to one-shot pokemon on neutral hits? No, give it Flame Body (good for Tankanine, I guess) or Speed Boost (good for both, but not so much Tankanine) instead.

I would also say "give it Fairy type," but I think you're not accepting "add type" suggestions.
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User Info: Gogito4

3 years ago#5
INSANE ability. Speed Boost is, ironically, more acceptable than that one.
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User Info: PaganDrumGod

3 years ago#6
We need a mega arcanine. It IS a legendary pokemon. It needs to live up to that name.
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