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What are your five least favorite pokemon, and why?

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User Info: Nomorice4U

3 years ago#11
1. Garchomp - too manly! The type of manly that isn't over the top. The 'just right' type of manliness that fits too well into dudebros' taste. The fact that it's good makes everything worse.

2. TornadusT - how it escaped KFC's fryers, we may never know...

3. Charizard - See garchomp - except this one is even worse due to how GF had to work extra hard to make it good (two megas wtf).

4. Jiggly puff - wasted slot in Smash! We want mewtwo!

5. Lucario - see jiggs
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User Info: Bearacudda98

3 years ago#12
1. Paraflinch Togekiss
2. Paraflinch Jirachi
3. Encore Prankster whimsicott
4. Weedle (after doing a wonderlocke and only getting weedles, you'd hate it too)
5. Sableye in STABmons (almost always running topsy turvy and dark void)
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User Info: LopunnyTho

3 years ago#13
Lopunny's moveset for Smash:

User Info: dirkac

3 years ago#14
1. Chimchar. It's design is utterly horrible, its cry is just painful.
2. Monferno. Read above.
3. Infernape. Read above.
4. Charizard. Way too overrated and really just mediocre in reality.
5. I don't know, Emboar?
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User Info: Powergo1

3 years ago#15
Only one I really hate is Mr. Mime. Curse its in-fight animation...
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User Info: TheWhiskaz

3 years ago#16
1. Talonflame (I've rarely seen any variety in its sets from what I've seen. Brave Bird, Flare Blitz and U-Turn, with either Roost or Steel Wing for the 4th slot)
2. Rotom W (I've seen this thing way too much in the (somewhat) competitive battles I've had. And, for me, it suffers the same problem as T-Flame. You often will know most of its moves straight away. Hydro Pump, WoW, Volt Switch/Thunderbolt, followed by either Rest with a Chesto Berry, or Pain Split)
3. Vileplume (gen 5 and gen 6 animations just REALLY annoy me)
4. Pikachu (way to overhyped IMO)
5. Stantler (one of those things that you just forget about. It looks really stupid too IMO)

Garchomp used to be on there, but following me using it in my doubles team, I grew to like it and took it off the list. In fact, it's nowhere near my bottom 5 now.
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User Info: GatedSunOne

3 years ago#17
1. Klinklang Family. Garbaje design concept; garbaje stats, garbaje move pool (besides Gear Shift), garbaje Pokemon. The only Pokemon in existence I will *never* use.

2. MegaMom. Thanks for reincarnating the terror of Gen IV Garchomp in today's Metagame, GF...though it is fine in doubles. Lol singles.

3. Gen IV Garchomp. That thing was the single most centralizing Pokémon in existence, back in Sinnoh. Hated fighting it, as it meant you were about to be swept or were about to lose 1-3 Pokemon if you lacked Priority and Scarf.

4 Regigigas. I like its design, but the thing is supposed to be strong enough to pull Continents...yet it is the most dung-worthy Legendary of all time thanks to SlowStart.

5. Simipour. I really don't like this thing's design. It looks as if it got into the game via some Elementary-School art Contest...never mind the fact there are better Water Pokemon in the same class as it.
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User Info: Phosphoratheone

3 years ago#18
5 baby pokemon. They don't do ANYTHING. The only reason I would ease one Is for an elekid to become Electivire.
4 Stunfisk. It's cry is a fart. What is this creature? Flattened out bird? Design fail stingray? Old fish shaped rug? What is this world? Who am I ?
3 the tornadus/thunderus/landourus trio. GF really, I mean really screwed up on these. Basically they got the general sketch, recolored it and added almost nothing else to make them unique. Even I could make a better trio that that.
2 the nearly entire pokedex of Unova. I had so many high expectations for gen 5 pokemon, and we get an uncreative mess. Even on this list only 1 thing wasn't limited to Unova.
1 the unown. Yeah yeah, they got their own movie but that should of gone to a better pokemon, preferably a mythical. And, another reason to waste PCM space is the Unown report! Yayyyyyyyyy....

User Info: mrballerswaggin

3 years ago#19
Other Gen 1 and 2 garbage
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User Info: Judgmenl

3 years ago#20
that water/fighting legendary pony thing that nobody ever usesKeledo
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