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Pokemon RP- The Wild Wild West! Episode 3

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User Info: Hydregionzek

3 years ago#1
sign up and discussion topic 1-
sign up and discussion topic 2-

Episode 1:
Episode 2:

Character list:

The premise of this RP is that in a Pokemon only world in an alternate universe, a country located in the Wild West has one of its major cities held up by a group of bandits seeking wealth. The sheriff's office alone cannot even try to win, so it calls in the Central Government for backup. There are also several Vigilantes who use the situation to achieve their own goals.

You can go outside of the main City (which I have not named yet), the only limit is that you do not leave the country. To join, go to the latest discussion topic.
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User Info: The_Dragonw

3 years ago#2
"Aye, you don't know what yer on about. Lum Berries cure everything. "

"Better safe than sorry."

"Aye, you'd say that, wouldn't yer... Come based horse. We must find the berries."

With that, the Rapidash, Pidgeotto in tow, raced away from the hospital in pursuit of Lum Berries.
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User Info: slomaster

3 years ago#3
Perhaps I should be somewhere else, like in hiding, while I formulate a plan for this... Maybe meet that 'Battleship', though he's likely an outlaw... But Starstriker sees me as an enemy anyway... I should try to find him...
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User Info: brStalker

3 years ago#4
A Pidgeotto struggling to stay mounted on a Rapidash darted away from the hospital as the two Drilburs barged in. "Help! Help! Help!" They cry in unison.

The Blissey look at the Noivern they brought over. "Goodness! What happened to him?"

The two Drilburs stopped for a moment, looked to each other for a quick moment, and started talking:

"Big bite"
"Big bar"
"Big fight"
"Need help"

They spoke fast, one right after the other, confusing the Blissey for a moment, but she knew what needed to be done. She called two of her Happiny assistants to carry the Noivern upstairs to receive immediate treatment.

"We come"
"Stay close"
"Need help". They started talking fast again.

"You need to wait here, but you can visit him once I treat his wounds." said the Blissey. "Don't worry, I'll take good care of him", she said with a sweet voice, before following her assistants
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User Info: toad878

3 years ago#5
"I gotta say, you're pretty strong," sighed the Marshtomp, standing up. Then, he looked at Monty. "Hey, you're that guy who shot people at the bar!" he yelled.

"Yeah," replied Monty.

"You're a criminal, right?" asked the Marshtomp.

"I guess."

"Why don't you join me?"

Monty was about to say no, but then he thought about that Raichu, and said, "Well, I guess it's for the better..."

"Great! I'm called Pirque! You're Monty, right?"


"Let's get started, then!"
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User Info: DatBoiimase

3 years ago#6
In a hidden Cave outside of Town, Crush talks to His disciples Magby, Rattata, and Zubat discussing their next Move.

"We must find that Tyranitar, he's the only one that knows what was Dad's Next plans."

"Right!" His disciples all say in union.

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User Info: Chrizzel28

3 years ago#7
"I honestly don't know... I could report back to Battleship..."
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User Info: brStalker

3 years ago#8
I believe we should make a quick recap of how much time has passed since the beginning of the RP and where each main character is at the beginning of each new topic. It makes for a good checkpoint of sorts, IMO. Just a quick "Name/Current Location/In-game time of the last action performed" would do fine.

Two Noibats are hiding in a small cave. They are running from a rampaging Krookodile. The bodies of the family of one of them are splattered around the floor, No blood, no gore. Their deadly wounds were all enveloped in a thin layer of Ice, who insistently refuse to melt in the constant desert heat.

They are hiding behind a big rock, which is pulled from the ground and tossed aside with ease. Refusing to panick, the young Noibat started flying in circles around the Krookodile, his eyes closed, using his Supersonic attack to try and distract the trespasser so the other one could escape.

The Krookodile pushes him aside with a swat, like someone scaring an annoying bug. The Noibat didn't give up and unleashed his strongest attack: Razor Wind, on the Krookodile who is moving toward the other Noibat, frozen in fear.

The attack hits the Krookodile on his right flank. The painful roar he let out, and the bloody wound opened by the sharp winds, made both of then even more frightened. The eyes of the Krookodile were full of hatred as he looked at the young Noibat responsible for his pain, and opened his big mouth, the teeth emanating a frosty aura. He closed his eyes and waited for his end, and that the other Noibat got away safely.

The Ice Fang hit his mark, but the young Noibat felt nothing. "Did he miss? Am I dead?" he thought, but when he opened his eyes, the truth was even worse. The Krookodile's attack hit the other Noibat, the small body being shaked as the Krookodile shaked his head, to increase the effectiveness of the attack. He finally let it go with a final swing of his head, the lifeless body of the Noibat colliding against the wall with a cold, thick noise. The Krookodile turned its back to the wall and left, his evil eyes looking at the helpless Noibat that couldn't believe his dear friend was gone, and in his mouth a dreaded smile.

Krjl awoke in the middle of the night, frozen with fear. When he realized he he had a nightmare, he started to pay attention on where he was. He was in a bed in a small room. His right leg and his tail had bandages all over, and two Drilburs were sleeping in the floor right next to him.

This nightmare... again he mumbled. He remembered a bit of his moments in the cave after Lockjaw died. There was an Excadrill. He said Lockjaw's gang was no more. He said more, but his head hurt, and his wounds were still not healed.

I'll have a long day tomorrow
"Which is more evil: Kidnapping a child to use as a tool for world domination, or using your blood child as a tool for world domination?"-Tyranidomega

User Info: Hydregionzek

3 years ago#9
Hydre finished another busting of petty criminals while planning how to lure out Battleship.

I heard rumors that Battleship lives in a cave somewhere... I can pay Charizard to set a few caves on fire and see I that works or not.

He did so later that night.
Hydre/Town/Night time of the current day/previous day
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User Info: DatBoiimase

3 years ago#10
Crush heads out into town with Magby and heads to a bar.

Crush and Magby walk slowly toward the counter. They sit and Crush removes the hood of his trench coat revealing his scar on his left eye.

Magby orders two Drinks.

Crush grins and leans over to Magby
"Let's have a little fun in here."

They scan the room looking for a reasonable fight to pick.
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