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Wow. 2 Hatched Shinies Within 10 Minutes of Each Other

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User Info: Supreme_Hunter

3 years ago#1
Wow. Today I decided to breed for a competitive M-Venusaur. Had to rebreed my female Ludicolo for a male Lotad with Giga Drain... BOOM, 2 eggs later shiny female Lotad. Got the male in the first egg go and started breeding it with my HA female Bulbasaur 3 eggs later, ANOTHER SHINY. I'm kind of just in shock right now.

In all the other games I've only ever seen one shiny. In Y I've caught 6 (including the 2 newly hatched). Sadly, neither is very good.

Lotad (F)
Rain Dish

If only it wasn't Brave... Why... Why didn't I put an Everstone on It's Mother, She's used for competitive, but I just wanted a male with Giga Drain. Sigh...

Bulbasaur (M)

I was hoping for Chlorophyll (which, ironically, all it's brothers inherited), but since I was planning on using it as a Megasaur anyway, the Ability makes little difference. It has outstanding potential so it's other stats can't be too bad.

Anyone have any ideas for the Lotad? I'm going to keeping breeding Bulbasaurs for a near perfect one, but I'll probably end up using this shiny one anyway. Man, I still can't believe my luck.
GT: Supreme Hunter0
3DS FC: 0361-7886-0563 (Electric Safari: Electrode, Pikachu, Galvantula)

User Info: mewman0007

3 years ago#2
RNG goddess smiles upon another lucky soul!!!!
freind code 2337-5161-5138 ign: mewman
grass, sawsbuck, gogoat, sunkern

User Info: EmiArts

3 years ago#3
Gimme your luck plz
My Pokemon List: :) Founder of Emi's Rare Pokeball Shop
FC- 3067- 4379- 4862 and IGN is Emily :)

User Info: navi854

3 years ago#4
mewman0007 posted...
RNG goddess smiles upon another lucky soul!!!!

RNG Goddess is Anna.
3DS FC : 4055 4948 4900 IGN: Navi
Dream Address: 4500-4022-5969
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