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We need a sinnoh remake.

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User Info: Nuzlink

3 years ago#31
Helban posted...
GatedSunOne posted...
Sinnoh was my second favorite Region, so I'll gladly buy a remake. They brought me Dawn and Lucas.

I just want to see how they handle Primal Reversion in the creation trio. How would that go over with Dialga (PMD) and Giratina; who has another forms already?

...Then there is the thought of Arceus getting a new form. Primal Arceus...that is a terrifying thought. They'd better not f*** up the PokeRadar like they did in XY, though...

Your question does make one think (I've had this thought myself since Mega Evo's were first revealed). If a Pokemon with alternate Formes gets a Mega Evo, does that mean its Mega Evo will look different depending on its current Forme or look the same regardless?

I'm guessing it's going to be a different form altogether. You wouldn't be able to hold a Grisceous Orb and mega stone. Only one that might have different forms would be Deoxys
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User Info: Rikiaz

3 years ago#32
Yep, you are right TC, I can't deny the fact that Sinnoh was a bad region.
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User Info: ashrobb

3 years ago#33
Yes, we need a remake since the originals sucked.
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User Info: Vindris

3 years ago#34
If you haven't noticed, they're remaking every generation in order. Sinnoh comes after Hoenn.

User Info: nazacuckoo

3 years ago#35
Ugh. Gen 4 introduced many cool pokemon and gameplay mechanics, but the region itself was ugly. And I'm no gen-wunner, Pokemon Diamond was the first Pokemon game I played.

I'd buy a remake, but we're just getting R/S remakes now. Let's wait a while before talking about Sinnoh remakes, m'kay?
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User Info: hyjinx17

3 years ago#36
People are already crying about gen 4 remakes? At least wait for the gen 3 ones release. Jeez.
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User Info: yoshinatsu666

3 years ago#37
Gen 4 is my least favorite, so I couldn't care less about its remake.
The pre-DS games were the ones that NEEDED to remade, and for good reasons.
Anything beyond that will be just milking.

User Info: xXDeadWulfXx

3 years ago#38
I would love Gen 4 remakes to be honest, it was the only region I spent a lot of time in besides Gen 2. Gen 4 is actually probably my favorite of the series.
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User Info: CaptainZangoose

3 years ago#39
FireMage7777 posted...
Sinnoh is best region. Can't wait for gen IV remakes

If anyone had any doubts that ye were trolling before with all yer anti-hacking talk, this post should sink those doubts to the bottom of the ocean faster than a bottomless ship.

User Info: Nico_infinite

3 years ago#40
The only acceptable thing gen 4 contributed to Pokemon was Cynthia.
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