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What do you think of my pokemon team?

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User Info: LocoBlowfish

3 years ago#1
I'm putting a team together. It's not together yet but this is what I'm planning on having.

Ability: Speedboost
252 ATK 252 SPD 6 HP

Batton pass
Flare blitz
Blaze kick
Sky uppercut

252 Sp.ATK 252 SPD 6 HP

Aura sphere
Hidden Power
Nasty plot

Ability: Pressure (pickpocket sucks...)
Nature: Jolly
252 Speed 252 Attack 6 Hp

Fake out
Icicle Crash/ice punch
Night slash
Swords dance

Ability: Technician
Nature: Adamant
252 attack 252 speed 6 hp

Bullet punch
X scizor

Ability: justified
Nature: Adamant
252 Attack 252 Sp.D 6 hp

Close combat
Phycho cut/leafblade
Misty terrain
Reflect/power up punch

Someone give me a suggestion for the last one I still haven't made up my mind. As you can see I lack special attackers so I could use another. The plan is to during double battles send out blaziken and scizor first. Uturn to get a better match up and batton pass to Lucario. Set a misty terrain with Gallade to give him moon last to get rid of those dragons, dark, and fighting types. Let lucario sweep. Weaville is there to get a fake out so the opposite pokemon can take it out. For single battles weaville or scizor would be the lead. What do y'all think? Also I'm plan on using these pokemon because they my favorites so I didn't put strategy into selecting them. I just the the last special sweeper/wall. My strategy is to hit hard and fast. I could batton pass to a much slower pokemon and make them tank as well. I'd love to hear your suggestions! Also any items I should give them let me know. I have the megastones for the three that can mega evolve.

User Info: DMC_Trixie

3 years ago#2
Here is my lame 2 cents, you might want to put Protect on Blaziken just in case you go against a pokemon that outspeeds you.
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User Info: pokevincent

3 years ago#3
the items?
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User Info: sonic2307

3 years ago#4
Using two STABS of the same type is NEVER a good idea unless your movepool is as crappy as a Glaceon's.
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User Info: LocoBlowfish

3 years ago#5
I have no idea what items I will be using for each pokemon.
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