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Your Pokemon Introduction With Your Signature Pokemon.

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User Info: The_Dragonw

3 years ago#21
*pure silence*

*ground shakes*

METAGROSS! I already t- Why are you looking at me like that, Trainer?
3DS FC:195085778687- Flying: Swanna, Doduo, Rufflet SV:1496 IGN:Jin Region:UK
The official Super Enraged Shadow Lugia of everywhere

User Info: LegendaryMachie

3 years ago#22
hi im a loser idiot and these are my idiot pokemon im drunk let's fight or whatever
3DS FC: 0602 6320 0980 PM me and I'll add you back.

User Info: ElNurgling

3 years ago#23
"Hi. I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!"

*sends out Venonat*
3DS FC 4511-0567-3041 (Boldore, Magcargo, Rhydon)
Martijn - inofficial pesky Claw using git of Kid Icarus Uprising's online modes

User Info: BronyBeat

3 years ago#24
F***in' murder them blaziken.
PSN:KrispenWa FC: 2981 6721 3391 IGN: Witty

User Info: Milennin

3 years ago#25
"Let's battle."

*sends out Absol*
3DS FC: 3351 - 4188 - 0149
Pokemon Y IGN: Roth

User Info: BluntGrunt

3 years ago#26
Hey, you better not cry, you hear?
*Nidoking stands next to me and growls, ready to battle*
Tonight we hunt!

User Info: hodelino

3 years ago#27
F*** you c****************d

sends out Starmie
Pokemon X! FC: 4081-6243-4839
Starmie is love, Starmie is life

User Info: DankaDummkopf

3 years ago#28
I'm Danka, and this is my PC where i play games,
This is my emboar, His Name is McGee.
i like cats, and salmon
swords dance aegislash is the only thing that by definition makes it an uber. you shouldn't comment on a meta you don't understand ok

User Info: HarryBotter14

3 years ago#29
You have a big mouth Trainer, let's see how big your mouth is when you see this!!!!

*Aggron cry*
I just realized i'm exactly one year on Gamefaqs.
... S*** happens

User Info: omgitsjustme

3 years ago#30
"I like little kids"

And then banette comes out

I hope I don't get modded
3DS: 3540-0561-8788
Bug Safari. I'd list the mons but I forgot
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