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Which Town/City would you live in?

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User Info: navi854

3 years ago#1
I would say Coumarine City. Seems like a nice town city where I could live the slow life. The music is very jazzy and laid back. It's a pretty cute town too :D
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User Info: mrballerswaggin

3 years ago#3
Lavaridge or the one with Valerie
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User Info: BaconLicious

3 years ago#4
Goldenrod. Gen 2 everything was always my favorite, and the cities are no different.
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User Info: SpammySpammingt

3 years ago#5
Lavender Town
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User Info: Red_Empoleon

3 years ago#6
Twinleaf town. Everything seems so calm and stuff. Lso least amount of danger
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User Info: Luigi4President

3 years ago#7
That one with the bug type gym in XY
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User Info: Mikey_Minccino

3 years ago#8
Sunnyshore, Snowpoint, or Undella
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User Info: Adam_Ace

3 years ago#9
What's the Pokemon World variant of London?
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User Info: CaptZangoose

3 years ago#10
One of the port towns, probably Gateon, since I love the Orre region an' it seems like a good place fer a pirate, with that dread island just off the coast.
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