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Would Dialga have more use in the uber tier now because of fairy type?

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User Info: Darkdemon8910

3 years ago#1
I love Dialga. He is so awesome and by the looks of things, he might be the only dragon to not hate fairy types, thus more usage. I think Dragalge is Dragon Poison but Somebody should clarify that.

Imagine a guy being like "HAHA Sylveon W00T N0W???" and Dialga going "Flash Cannon."

I am glad I have a reason to use Dialga in Uber now. <3
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User Info: RJrockstar

3 years ago#2
My Metagross handles it all the same. And Megagross when he comes out?

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User Info: Alpha218

2 years ago#3
What Fairy types though? Xerneas is really good but it's the only Fairy restricted to Ubers. The rest of them mostly aren't worth using.

You're more likely to see something running Play Rough or Moonblast but it's more worth it to hit Dialgia with like, an earthquake or something.
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User Info: Metleon

2 years ago#4
He still doesn't resist Fairy, so Xerneas and Fairy Arceus could give him a hard time. He's also a Special Attack and both of those Fairies can boost their SpDef as well on their attacking sets.

Dialga's still a great SR setter and phazer that can also use Mixed and Bulk Up sets, it's just not going to destroy teams like Kyogre, Arceus, Mewtwo, and Xerneas.
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User Info: Cosmoesis

2 years ago#5
Dialga was a head of his time. Pun intended :) And yes Dragalge is Dragon Poison which is a cool and unique typing that I like but I'm anxiously awaiting the release of his HA to use him more. I have a shiny one that I use now but only because its shiny
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  3. Would Dialga have more use in the uber tier now because of fairy type?

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