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The Adventures of Jocelyn, Who Does Not (Yet) Have Any Titles

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User Info: MissJocelyn

3 years ago#1
Challenge Rules:
- Six Random Eggs Only - I have been gifted six eggs by various people to complete the game, and I can only use the contents of those six eggs (excepting Pokémon required for HM use).
- Permadeath - should any team member faint they are unable to be used for the rest of the playthrough. My team is also down a team member until I complete the game or I lose all team members, in which case I have failed.
- HM users must replace team members - I may substitute a team member that I hatched as an egg at the start of the game for a HM user as required for in-game areas (eg. surfing). This Pokémon is unable to be used in battle. If I am down to one Pokémon, I may add in a second solely for HM use and it cannot be used in any battle, including double battles.
- No Exp Share - Exp Share is not to be used.
- No O-Powers except Prize Money Power - I can't use any O-Powers except Prize Money Power, because a girl needs money.
- Generic Battle Rules - battles are on set. No items to be used in battle excepting hold items.

I'd also like to thank the following people for their contributions:

CaptainZangoose - Chatot
Matthew3DSGamer - Absol
Halaisa - Litwick
Endergamer537 - Murkrow
Lord_Chivalry - Togepi

I'd like to also mention that The_Undest gave me a Petilil Not thank. It's just… a thing that's happened.

User Info: MissJocelyn

3 years ago#2
My name is Jocelyn, and my mother, Grace the Rhyhorn rider, has just forced me to move to some scrub town in the middle of nowhere. I hate this scrub town, I hate my mother and I hate her Rhyhorn. Fortunately, I'm off on an adventure to learn how to Pokémon and stuff, which is good, because I don't have to live with my mother and her Rhyhorn anymore.

I get up early, because today is the day I start my Pokémon adventure. I stop to check myself out in the mirror, because it's always nice to wake up to such a pretty sight. There's some boring old fart movie on TV, which I don't want to watch, and I check out my WiiU but I don't stop to play it because lol at playing WiiU.

I head downstairs, and my mother says hello and tells me to leave the house and I already have admirers. Today is looking really good, guys.

I quickly check out what's on television, and it turns out to be a documentary about my mother, Grace the Rhyhorn rider. I want this to be absolutely clear, guys: my mother is watching a television show about herself. What the hell, guys. What the hell.

I leave the house and my mother's patented insanity. Hopefully my new admirers might be decent company.

There's a guy and a girl. The guy looks scrubby and not worth considering for anything at all except the list of scrubbiest scrubs. The girl looks rather ordinary but next to the guy she looks like a stunner. He must be her plain best friend to help her look better, and she certainly needs it. However, I entirely lack plain best friends at the moment and she can hopefully fill the role for me until I find someone more suitable. Scrub introduces himself and I forget his name instantly. The girl introduces herself as Shauna.

They both tell me that I can get a Pokémon over at Aquacorde. Since I need a Pokémon to escape from the clutches of my crazy mother, I head right over.

When I reach Aquacorde, I spot Shauna and Scrub. There are also two other people that are introduced to me, but I honestly don't know how they expect me to remember the names of scrubs. There's one fat one and one short redheaded girl. I can remember that. The group then decides that I need a nickname.

The fat one decides I should be called Lady J, and I decide I like fat guy, since he can appreciate class and style when he sees it. I'll have to try and remember his name next time.

Shauna, the brown-haired girl with looped hair, decides that I should be called Li'l J. Nice try, Shauna, but we both know who's the ruling queen of our little group and it certainly isn't you. She's still my friend, though, at least until I find someone more suitable because I don't much like her attitude.

The short red-haired girl decides I should be called J-kins. Screw you. I like you less than Shauna. I'm not even bothered to remember your name.

Instead of those names, however, I insist that everyone they should call me Miss Jocelyn. Recognizing my superior taste, everyone agrees and the new nickname sticks. You can all call me Miss Jocelyn too.

The fat nice guy and nasty redheaded girl present a briefcase. Inside it are three starter Pokémon and a bunch of eggs. To be honest, the starters are way too cute for me to take, so I take six eggs for myself. I don't want anyone to think I'm superficial or anything because I have cute Pokémon in my party because it's totally not true. Shauna takes herself a Chespin, Calem takes a Froakie. After we've got our Pokémon, the redheaded girl tries to give me homework, but I seriously did not finish with school to have to worry about homework like a scrub. I am then given a letter to give to my mother to explain that I'm officially leaving home. I didn't want to head back there, but whatever.
(message deleted)

User Info: MissJocelyn

3 years ago#4
Lonta_Beans3 posted...
No ne cares.

None cares? You should have cares. Cares are good stuffs to have.

User Info: NanakoKyoko

3 years ago#5
Good luck on the new adventure Jocelyn!
IGN: Nanako(X) 4227-2096-0383 Pokemon XY Scientist (Cloner) References:
"Red is the color of heroes!"

User Info: Lonta_Beans3

3 years ago#6
MissJocelyn posted...
Lonta_Beans3 posted...
No ne cares.

None cares? You should have cares. Cares are good stuffs to have.

Cares suck, which is why I have none.

User Info: legendxofxsky

3 years ago#7
Verlisify cares, so i must care.
3DS FC: 3110 5108 4293, IGN: Kalosian, Offical Mega-Swampert of GameFAQs!
You shouldn't comment on a meta you don't understand. -Verlisify.

User Info: MissJocelyn

3 years ago#8
I head back home to give the letter to my mother. She spends a few moments spacing out, quickly hands me my Pokémon adventure gear, reminds me that she's Grace the Rhyhorn rider and she used to race Rhyhorn and stuff - as if I could forget - and I leave. Goodbye and good riddance, mother.

As I leave, Rhyhorn lets out a bellow, my mother leaves the house and decides that my leaving is actually all about Rhyhorn, rather than her own daughter leaving. I don't know which of the two I hate more, guys. My mother, who loves Rhyhorn more than she loves me or Rhyhorn for taking my mother's attention away from me. Or I can just hate them both equally. That seems like the best option.

So, after some running about, these are the eggs that I hatch for my team:

Peck, Astonish, Brave Bird

Super Luck
Feint, Megahorn, Sucker Punch, Play Rough

Keen Eye
Peck, Boomburst, Encore, Nasty Plot

Flame Body
Ember, Astonish

Serene Grace
Growl, Charm, Nasty Plot

So, I have two dark-type Pokémon, a ghost-type Pokémon, and two Pokémon that know Nasty Plot, and can there possibly be any move nastier than nasty plot, guys? I mean, the word "Nasty" is right there in the name, so it's a nasty move, right? So I'm a Hex Maniac, guys, but I don't know how to be a hex maniac. They didn't teach me any of this at school and I really need to know. I'm too pretty to be a hex maniac and my hair is too blonde. I hate lots of stuff, though. Maybe I can make this work?


I also have a Petilil.

Sweet Scent, Endure, Worry Seed, Charm

Honestly, f*** Petilil.

User Info: hodelino

3 years ago#9
MissJocelyn posted...
Honestly, f*** Petilil.

Yes another Egglocke run!! Wish you luck
Pokemon X! FC: 4081-6243-4839
Starmie is love, Starmie is life

User Info: lusofuso

3 years ago#10
I hope the "Petitil not fitting in" will be a very fun running gag during the run, otherwise my rejected meddi will slowly approach you from the darkness and while you're sleeping...

... it will scribble all over your face with a PERMANENT marker!
Pokemon FC 3668-8772-1047
IGN: Croix
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