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is sylveon a fairy type

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User Info: IndianaJones65

3 years ago#1
because if so

where dem paypal monies at
Never 4get ;~;7

User Info: RandysRage

3 years ago#2
Methinks you're a tad late to the party.....
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User Info: Alphanumeric

3 years ago#3
sent ;)

User Info: discodancer77

3 years ago#4
That only applies if it didn't effect da meatgame
Crime doesn't pay. Crime takes what crime wants.
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User Info: lusofuso

3 years ago#5
That guy does it all the time, seriously:

well, maybe one day GameFaqs topics will become binding contracts and we'll be able to get our money. Who knows...
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User Info: Rook_the_Ranger

3 years ago#6
I remember on trolls Guild Wars promised 10k gold or something like that if they were chased and caught in a town. I managed to catch someone and open the trade, but no gold :(
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