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Your reaction: Every battle is a triple battle

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Like SMT series or something, what would your reaction be if every battle you have 3 pokemon out, trainers would have 3 out (if they had 3 pokemon), and wild battles could be up to against 3 pokemon?

Whole game would be rescaled to account for this, so take balance out of the picture. Would the game be more fun/less fun? More/less dynamic?

User Info: X_Ayumi_X

3 years ago#2
I would hate it for sure.
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User Info: Rook_the_Ranger

3 years ago#3

Triples is more balanced than you think.
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User Info: zelionx

3 years ago#4
The game might actually be good
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User Info: vice_dragon

3 years ago#5
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User Info: 17Master

3 years ago#6
I would be in for that. Triples looks fun, I am just afraid to jump in because it seems so chaotic.

User Info: discodancer77

3 years ago#7
We need more triple/rotation battles, like in bw2. We also need gym leader and rival rematches in all formats
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Soul Of The Darkness 3 years ago#8
Seems like pretty polarised reaction. IMO the whole "you only have 4 moves" makes the game pretty static until you actually get online, and there's real strategy. Even then, the metagame is not particularly dynamic and luck plays a very large role (in terms of predicting switches and stuff). Having 3 pokemon out at once seems like it would make the game much more challenging and interesting, just because it introduces a whole bunch of new choices

User Info: Aerija

3 years ago#9
Yes please. I love triples.
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User Info: mewman0007

3 years ago#10
#love it :P
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