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What is the funniest pokemon XY battle animation?

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User Info: Analytic

3 years ago#1
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User Info: zelionx

3 years ago#2
Smeargle using oblivion wing
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User Info: Andre48

3 years ago#3
Darumaka just jumping around
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User Info: Atanaxe

3 years ago#4
I like tail whip.. how they turn around and moon you then it makes that cute widdle sound... ahhhh
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User Info: Froakiebloke

3 years ago#5
Fissure Stunfisk on Ursaring
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User Info: Lexifox

3 years ago#6
Archeops entering battle.
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User Info: Kazuma_Yagami

3 years ago#7
Noiverns cry.
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User Info: Chaosmaster00

3 years ago#8
Hitmonchan's special attack animation.
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User Info: SpoinkRulezz

3 years ago#9
Magikarp. It's hilariously pathetic.

User Info: Meltemi_Rafala

3 years ago#10
Two words: Spinda horde.
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