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Can someone help out a newbie?

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User Info: turbosheep

3 years ago#1
Okay, so this is my first time stepping into the world of competitive Pokemon battling!
I've been reading about natures, EV's, IV's, STAB, and a lot of other stuff and honestly, my head is spinning right now. I just have no idea where to start.

What I'd greatly appreciate is a small checklist for me to go through in order to get a team ready.
I can refer to the sticky for some EV info and stuff, but just so that I can... priorize. :P

What I'm thinking:

0. Think about the pokemon that I like, varied movesets, good synergie, etc., that I can understand.
1. Get my pokemon, either via trade or wild or breeding? (Can I keep my current Pokies or are they inferior due to EV/IV and whatnot?)
2. Check the nature of the pokemon I caught. (Is there a way to check this before I throw pokeballs? Or should I catch like 20 of the same type until I catch one with the desired nature?)
3. Train said Pokemon to lvl 50. Probably in the Pokemon League with exp. share on.
4. Train their EV/IV... (don't completely get how this works yet, honestly. I'll have to use Amie, I suppose?)
5. Give pokemon team nice items.
6. Done? Can I play now? xD

Sorry if this is the 1000th post about this sort of thing. I'm not trying to be lazy, just super confused right now puzzling all the information into a 'to-do' list right now. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help out a newbie!
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User Info: LightningAce11

3 years ago#2
0. You can use any pokemon you like. A site like smogon has all the sets listed so you can look it up.
1. Typically breeding is the best as you can control the ivs the pokemon get to an extent.
2. No way to check until you've caught it.
3. In lumiose city after the elite four I think there is a place called restaurant le wow. Use the lucky egg and exp point o power and it is faster than the elite four.
4. Look at the sticky topics. They explain it well.
5. You can look the items up on smogon; the pokemon movesets also have these.
6. Sure. You don't need to do this before the elite four. Enjoy the game then get down to business.
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User Info: DeadpoolMewtwo

3 years ago#3
If you have a pokemon with the Synchronize ability in the first slot, there is a 50% chance the wild pokemon will have the same nature as the pokemon in the lead. That's the best way to get the nature you want unless you can pick up a bunch of Dittos with various natures.
You have to breed to get competitive IVs
EV training is done before levelling to 50, or else you'll have to use a reset bag on every pokemon.
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