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You find a shiny of a Pokemon you dislike, do you catch it?

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User Info: Missingno_Mastr

3 years ago#31
A Shiny is a Shiny, so I'd happily catch it. I don't actually dislike any species of Pokémon, though.
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User Info: Nuzlink

3 years ago#32
They make a beautiful wallpaper I can't put another mon on top of.
I'm that guy that mained Pichu in Melee.

User Info: 17Master

3 years ago#33
Shiny of a Pokemon I dislike equals bargaining tool with no emotions/sentiments attached. I would be an idiot not to catch it.

User Info: Vivisqeq

3 years ago#34
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User Info: Jackson151

3 years ago#35
Im not into shinys but it would be worth it to trade and its not exactly time consuming catching it. Still... I soft reset on a 6 IV bashful yveltal, but I already owned a 31/31/31/31/31/31 Mild Yveltal at that point, and I was after a different competative nature.

User Info: SymphonyOfLight

3 years ago#36
i wouldn't catch it.
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User Info: Bearacudda98

3 years ago#37
the sole exception is luvdisc which I have caught about ten of while farming for heart scales
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User Info: Lexifox

3 years ago#38
There isn't any Pokemon I particularly dislike, but yes, I'd catch it.

Then throw it in the box. Forever. Like all Pokemon with terrible IVs.
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User Info: Singerperson80

3 years ago#39
Virtua1ity posted...
It'd be a waste if I didn't.

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User Info: Samus_Zero

3 years ago#40
Catch it and trade it for something good from some shiny***.
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  3. You find a shiny of a Pokemon you dislike, do you catch it?

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