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Longest and Shortest Masuda Method Shiny Hunts?

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User Info: xjenzazombieex

3 years ago#21
With MM my shortest hunt was Froakie with 5 eggs (Froakie being the 6th)

But I hatched a shiny Spinarak on the second egg while not MMing, breeding for egg moves.

I hatched the second shiny Spinarak (with egg moves) 7 eggs later.

My longest MM was probably my Shroomish hunt (my first successful MM) and it took me a week.

With Shiny Charm.
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User Info: felica

3 years ago#22

I will always remember this day!!
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User Info: DeadGhostFire

3 years ago#23
1 Egg for a Shiny Cottonee. 4,312 [so far] damn eggs for a freaking Scatterbug
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User Info: Alpha218

3 years ago#24
I'm doing Solosis atm but nothing yet.

However this game hates me and I called this happening the day before... I hatched a shiny Ralts when I was breeding for synchronizers. It had a +Def -Speed nature so I didn't even bother to check IVs.
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User Info: buffalobills2

3 years ago#25
UPDATE: Just hatched my shiny zorua! My shortest one yet, he only took me 128 eggs! Now onto a shiny eevee!
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User Info: SpookyVenom1

3 years ago#26
OK now this IS my longest hunt; Joltik clocking in at 1430 eggs as of writing this
WiiU NNID: SpookyVenom1.
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