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Name one thing you disliked from each gen.

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User Info: Drkr_Zen

2 years ago#71
Gen I - Green. Sassy son of a...
Gen II - Extra region was cool, but didn't like it being fairly empty.
Gen III - Lack of features introduced in GSC (see: best Generation).
Gen IV - Like Hoenn before it, the region was largely unmemorable.
Gen V - Unmemorable Gym Leaders.
Gen VI - <1% of the trainers have a full team of six Pokemon.

tl;dr Best GSC, worst RSE.
Playing: BL2, EarthBound, Pokemon Y 0318-8983-9259
GOTY: Demon's Souls (2009) Bayonetta (2010) Dark Souls (2011) Borderlands 2 (2012) BS: Infinite (2013)

User Info: metroxil

2 years ago#72
Gen 1: Charizard
Gen 2: Kanto
Gen 3: Lack of Electric types
Gen 4: Slow and kinda bland
Gen 5: stats for certain pokemon and evo's that don't make sense
Gen 6: Lack of 1 eeveelution, not enough new mons and too easy
FC: 4442-0610-8578
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  3. Name one thing you disliked from each gen.

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